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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: March 18

Hello, and thank you for coming by my profile!

I have been roleplaying since about 2011, and have developed a few wonderful worlds in that time along with many characters to fill them, that I hope you'll come to interact with!
As far as my writing preferences, I'm a bit of stickler about realism, which shows through in my scifi verse, Human Salvation, and the plot themes of my fantasy verse, Pavisnea. I've grown up always fascinated by the workings of physics and chemistry, and more importantly, electronics and machinery. I've always incorporated it in my life and my personal styles and hobbies. So, it tends to bleed through in my writing as well.

My preferences for roleplays length is a few paragraphs usually, but if the story's good, I really don't care how little or how much each reply is.
Personally, I prefer to get to know people I write with, but I'm often abrasive and critical in my opinions. That being said, I will always give something a try once!
I'm not currently in college, I'm starting late due to time away I had to take for a medical complication. Right now, I'm pretty free and open to write, but I'll be starting soon so I may have to start managing my time here. Still, feel free to approach me for a discussion!

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  • SmileyChesh, or better known as Kai, is an uplifting and generally positive soul. Of course, you'll have to overlook her perverse sense of humor to see really to appreciate the kind of person she is, but I don't think such would be difficult. Maybe you're one of the...
    -- ThesePiercingEyes
  • Chesh is an exceptionally talented writer with a vivid imagination and strong conviction to the verse's she creates. The wonderland verse is vast and sprawling, and filled to the brim with drama and excitement.

    Give this Katto a chance.
    -- Kamizombie

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