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  • Age: 18

hey there.

^the most interesting sentence of your life TOP THAT MIKEO ANDRA HAHAHAH

so anyway if you want to rp. Just shoot me a pm. Idc.

I got 13 days of “epic-ness” from a box of chocolate.
Yay, I guess. I don’t get it, why is epicness valued...? Just...? Use your ten character sparingly...?????

“Somewhere, far far away
Beyond the crowds and city lights
Out of the darkness we will shine
And see you on the other side...”

The rest of this is just shit lmao

Current Mood:
“Oh my God, he can’t hear us, he has AirPods in...Oh My God...”

Current Song:
The Other Side (Alesia Cara)

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Spottedbitch (Spottedleaf)

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Current Procrastination:
Studying for Science Test
Should actually be doing that right now just a sec

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