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RP Status
Sporadically active while I dust off my OCs.

OOC info
Location: America, Eastern Time zone

RP Rules
First of all, just be nice OOC. That's it. I can overlook any schedule conflicts, spelling issues (We all get them), or overpowered characters as long as you're relaxed and friendly. As long as we're open OOC and enjoying ourselves, I don't care. I want my RP partners to be my friends, ultimately. So even if the RP dries up or you stop having fun, I want our OOC conversation to be open enough that you can let me know.

1. A long attention span is not my strength. I jump around sites a lot, and I forget things easily. Please don't mistake that for disinterest! PM me or poke me if you're getting worried about me, I won't mind!

2. I like OOC talk. A lot. If I'm roleplaying with you, then I'd like to get to know you as well. Then if there's something we both like, we can add it to the roleplay. I want friends, not just partners!

3. It turns out, age does matter. I don't RP with minors. Full stop. No exceptions. If you ask to RP with me and I find out you lied about your age, you're getting blocked. I tried to be looser in the past but I had too many people who ignored this part and wanted to be the exception to the rule.

My RP Wishlist
  • See each character profile for specifics wants and needs~!
  • Existing/Active OC plots > Plots that require new OCs or involve Retired ones. I have a few Retired OCs on here and while it's nice to have people like them, I'd really prefer plots for characters that are actually active! Please, they're marked that way for a reason.
  • Vampires (Vampires are my junk food. I will play almost any plot involving vampires that you throw at me.)
  • Monster Hunters (Not the game series, but more Van Helsing-like. It can be: Hunter/Hunter, Hunter/Monster, etc)
  • Epic quests in fantasy universes
  • Feudal Japan (Both fantasy or historical)

I play a lot of video games. Want to see what I'm currently playing? Check my page out on The Backloggery!

Furcadia/RPR Wishlist:
-Bat wings (for Kaxirepega)
-Pages (Kaxirepega requires a LOT of pages for her variants!!)

Furcadian OOC Alt(s): Snipehunt
Where I keep my extra characters: Snipehunt
Discord: Snipe #9856
Steam, PSN, etc...: Private message

Rave Reviews

I've roleplayed with Snipe on and off for more than six years now, and she always has really fascinating characters with lots of flaws and little in-jokes. I'm looking forward to RPing with her again! - TimeHeist
I think your characters are thoughtfully balanced and original, I'd love to RP with them sometime! - Septima

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