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I am a huge fan of fantasy role playing. I do like to have technology thrown into the mix at times. I like video games and anime. I also apologize if I misinterpret or just miss something that you may have sent in an RP, I tend to do that sometimes.

At the moment, my schedule is pretty full most of the time so my replies can take anywhere from an hour to a week. Feel free to yell at me if I'm late on a reply, I wont blame you.

Also please use good grammar and punctuation if you're roleplaying with me. It is genuinely painful for me to have to try and decipher a person's post because of a lack of punctuation.
I'm not too strict on post length, but I would prefer it if I had something to go off of, usually that means just avoid one-liners. I try and post at least once a week at minimum.

Current Post Rate Status
Eh. School and work are in the way right now so I'm gonna be slow since I need to prioritize those first. ADHD also gets in the way so please be patient with me.

My Standards on 18+ stuff(NSFW warning)
Blood and gore don't faze me at all. If you want, I could go into concerning levels of detail on how one of my characters might go about torturing someone. I normally keep gore details to a relatively basic level but I don't mind avoiding it if you want me to.

Sexual Themes
I’m open to sexual themes and the like to an extent. Most sexual themes and smut are perfectly fine with me. MxM FxF MxF and such are all perfectly fine with me. Although in some cases I’d like such themes to be meaningful to the story, that isn’t a requirement.

Rave Reviews

This guy is good at everything. No kidding. I love roleplaying with him and he is flawless in group roleplays. He knows whats going on and his replies are easy to understand. Not to mention his endless ideas and amazing plots that come from no where. - SmewQueen
Been a part of an rp with this person for a while now and I am in love with the ideas they have brought to the table. They have a great deal to bring to the table in terms of characters as well. Each character is wonderful, full of life. Bravo! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous

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