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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16

All I have to say is that I love my girlfriend StaticNightmares with all my heart and she’s perfect and the most kind hearted person I’ve met. I’ve known her for I would say 3-4 years and I must say I loved every second of it. She’s so kind and loving a good listener she’s there for people help as much as she can be but she has a breaking point just like everyone else and that has to be respected but to top everything off she’s absolutely beautiful with an adorable voice just seeing her smile is enough to make anyone happy I love you Sarah 💝

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Solitaire either has no characters, or has made all their characters anonymous. Mysterious!

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  • This man is the best bb I could ask for. He's talented in singing, perfect, amazing, and just overall absolutely wonderful. He's the best boyfriend, and I have never found someone so kind or amazing or understanding. He has his up and downs, but we all do. Everything...
    -- StaticNightmares

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