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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: March 20

Hey, you can call me FBI for short.

I love role playing before coming onto here, I did it at a lot of places, even in real life. Anyway, enough of me telling you about my life, you are probably reading this to figure out if I’m someone to Rp with. First off, I should tell you that soon after I was born, I got a ears infection, have that for a few years, thank to it, I was hearing everything wrong, since I was hearing everything wrong, it deeply damage my spelling and talking. Ok, so where I’m going with this is that I’m gonna be very bad at some spelling, and if I get a word on, please don’t go gammer nazi on me.

Ok, so that out of the way now, time to tell you about what I like. I really like fantasy, you can probably tell that by looking at my characters. Blood and gore, I’m ok with that, but be warned I may describe it very detailed. Romance, oh lord help me, I mean I don’t hate it, I’m just really bad at it, if you ask me for romance, get ready for a worst love story then Twilight.

That all I can think of right now, wait, one more thing. Please read my character description and myself too. Ok, now that all I can think of. Hope you guys/gals have a great day/night!


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