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Player Age: 30s
Time Zone: U.S. Pacific
Location: San Francisco, California , USA


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~ Communication is highly important to meeeee.
~ I love to bake and cook.
~ I'm called "The Prize Potato" because I host a lot of giveaways/games with prizes being RPR items. These are always free to enter!
~ I'm hella shy about my writing/RP writing.
~ I'm a naturally nocturnal person.
~ I do card readings that offers people guidance/assurance, but I don't use the traditional tarot deck for this as I've found other decks to be more clear for me to translate messages.
~ My favorite colors are blue, pink, and that weird mint green that kitchen appliances come in that seems more blue than green in certain light.
~ I have an annoying habit of mentioning all cows that I see while on road trips. This goes for sheep/lambs too. Some birds. And goats. Rabbits. Deer. Just any animal, really.
~ I like lists.

~ I will only write with adults (18+ in age).
~ I've been creating characters and writing collaboratively for over 20 years.
~ I write in third person narrative and give an average of 400 to 1000 words per post, which is roughly 3 to 7 paragraphs. But it can fluctuate to more or less depending on many things, including scene, dialogue, actions, as well as pace of the game.
~ I have many genres I do enjoy writing: modern/urban fantasy, (high/medieval) fantasy, and historical fiction are my top three.
~ I skew towards darker themes and boy, oh boy, do I love grimdark.
~ Characters featured on my profile are ones I'm always down to write, but feel free to reach out about any of them if you are interested.
~ I've been writing majority of my characters for years. Except Harlowe, Duckie, Da-Xia, Wilhelmina, and Ruby - they're some of the newest characters that I've created and I'm really excited to write them!
~ Majority of my characters can be modified slightly to fit a setting.

Writing Preferences/Boundaries:

- I don't have perfect grammar and I don't expect you to either, but proper sentence structures do help. Also, write as much as you see fit for the progress of the story as I'm not a stickler for length.

- Outside of this website, I have a life that gets busy and chaotic sometimes. If I haven’t replied or posted, bugging me about it will NOT make me post quicker nor will guilt tripping me. Real Life always comes before Role Play and I stick to that motto firmly.

- I write for fun, so if it becomes too much work or too much stress for me, I will do my best to communicate this with others involved so we can work through the issues.

- I play various genders and sexuality with my characters, so please don't speculate on what they are or what they like.

- I prefer to write games/stories that contribute to long, on-going plots instead of one-off games, but am willing to do short games or small stories to play-test a character or a story to see how certain characters would get along.

- I'm okay with characters getting into sexual/romance situations. We can discuss this further if we get to that point in our writing adventures.

- I am not against writing violence or hinting at things that could be considered triggering. If you have triggers, please let me know so I can tailor my writing, but I will not change my character, who they are, or how they would act/behave.

- If I know someone isn’t reading through the whole post, I will no longer continue the story as I find it disrespectful.

- I can and will kill off characters if it fits the story and seems right.

- I will only write with original characters in original worlds (only exception to worlds would be writing Earth and its locations for the Modern Fantasy or Historical Fiction genres/settings).

- I am not my characters. They aren't based off me or my life, none of them are self inserts, and I don't have to agree with what they do or how they think in order to write them. If another writer gets mad at me for something the character does in a game, I will not continue any writing with them, period. I reserve the right to have my characters act in the interest of the story, including lying, cheating, stealing, changing their minds, etc, etc, etc.

- I reserve the right not to write with someone for any reason at any time.


Rave Reviews

Scotty (played by Somnom)
Sometimes all you need is someone to help you take out the trash. Scotty is so much more than a garbage man, he is a living breathing person with so much baggage I doubt his truck could fit it all. As a character he is so filled out and thought through the only possible way to learn more than 1% of it is in game. His thoughts feelings and actions feel real, and Somnom does a wonderful job illustrating his accent through writing. He is unusual, beautiful, and an absolutely fantastic character! - Kruhee
After helping with the fundraiser for Operation Audacious Phoenix, Somnom went on to help squash 9 bugs during beta testing! Helpful - Zelphyr

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