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Current Status: I'm in San Francisco, which has been under mandatory shelter in place orders since March 16th to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. I'm a broadcast journalist, so I still have to go into work as I normally would, with additional shifts on top of that. As much as I would like to join others in having the extra free time from being home, I have not been afforded that. Thank you for understanding!

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~None currently! Check back later! ~

~ Communication is highly important to meeeee.
~ I love to bake and cook.
~ I'm called "The Prize Potato" because I host a lot of giveaways/games with prizes being RPR items. These are always free to enter!
~ I'm hella shy about my writing/RP writing.
~ I'm a naturally nocturnal person.
~ I do card readings that offers people guidance/assurance, but I don't use the traditional tarot deck for this as I've found other decks to be more clear for me to translate messages.
~ My favorite colors are blue, pink, and that weird mint green that kitchen appliances come in that seems more blue than green in certain light.
~ I have an annoying habit of mentioning all cows that I see while on road trips. This goes for sheep/lambs too. Some birds. And goats. Rabbits. Deer. Just any animal, really.
~ I like lists.

~ I will only write with adults (18+ in age).
~ I've been creating characters and writing collaboratively for over 20 years.
~ I write in third person narrative and give an average of 400 to 1000 words per post, which is roughly 3 to 7 paragraphs. But it can fluctuate to more or less depending on many things, including scene, dialogue, actions, as well as pace of the game.
~ I have many genres I do enjoy writing: modern/urban fantasy, (high/medieval) fantasy, and historical fiction are my top three.
~ I skew towards darker themes and boy, oh boy, do I love grimdark.
~ I've been writing majority of my characters for years. Except for a big handful of them which I've created since joining RPR. Feel free to ask which they are if you're interested.

Writing Preferences/Boundaries:

- I don't have perfect grammar and I don't expect you to either, but proper sentence structures do help. Also, write as much as you see fit for the progress of the story as I'm not a stickler for length.

- Outside of this website, I have a life that gets busy and chaotic sometimes. If I haven’t replied or posted, bugging me about it will NOT make me post quicker nor will guilt tripping me. Real Life always comes before Role Play and I stick to that motto firmly.

- I write for fun, so if it becomes too much work or too much stress for me, I will do my best to communicate this with others involved so we can work through the issues.

- I play various genders and sexuality with my characters, so please don't speculate on what they are or what they like.

- I prefer to write games/stories that contribute to long, on-going plots instead of one-off games, but am willing to do short games or small stories to play-test a character or a story to see how certain characters would get along.

- I'm okay with characters getting into sexual/romance situations. We can discuss this further if we get to that point in our writing adventures.

- I am not against writing violence or hinting at things that could be considered triggering. If you have triggers, please let me know so I can tailor my writing, but I will not change my character, who they are, or how they would act/behave.

- If I know someone isn’t reading through the whole post, I will no longer continue the story as I find it disrespectful.

- I can and will kill off characters if it fits the story and seems right.

- I will only write with original characters in original worlds (only exception to worlds would be writing Earth and its locations for the Modern Fantasy or Historical Fiction genres/settings).

- I am not my characters. They aren't based off me or my life, none of them are self inserts, and I don't have to agree with what they do or how they think in order to write them. If another writer gets mad at me for something the character does in a game, I will not continue any writing with them, period. I reserve the right to have my characters act in the interest of the story, including lying, cheating, stealing, changing their minds, etc, etc, etc.

- I reserve the right not to write with someone for any reason at any time.


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A very generous person and a great member of RPR. They’re very nice to interact with and send messages back and forth to. So cool! Kind and understanding Helpful - Pantrane
Somnom is 'the worst person ever' in all the best ways a person could hope for. They are crude, rude, polite, sincere, cheerful, salty and the most genuine person I have ever met. They only just joined this RP community and they already have welcomed so many who came after them. They truly are one of the best writers I have ever met, but they are humble and sweet about it. Thank you for being my friend! - Kruhee

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