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✿ Potato · 30s · PDT (GMT -7) ✿

Current Status: Dealing with intensely stressful work situations. Spoons for RPing is low, unfortunately. Hoping to get more silverware soon.


~ My 1 Year Anniversary Raffle! Click here for Rules/Entry!~

~ I firmly believe that real life always comes before RP. Always.
~ I only write with adults (21+ in age).
~ I've been creating characters and writing collaboratively for over 20 years.
~ I write in third person narrative and give an average of 400 to 1000 words per post, which is roughly 3 to 7 paragraphs. But it can fluctuate to more or less depending on many things, including scene, dialogue, actions, as well as pace of the game.
~ I have many genres I do enjoy writing: modern/urban fantasy, (high/medieval) fantasy, and historical fiction are my top three.
~ I skew towards darker themes and boy, oh boy, do I love grimdark.
~ I've been writing majority of my characters for years. Except for a big handful of them which I've created since joining RPR. Feel free to ask which they are if you're interested.

~ Communication is highly important to meeeee.
~ I love to bake and cook.
~ I'm called "The Prize Potato" because I host a lot of giveaways/games with prizes being RPR items. These are always free to enter!
~ I'm hella shy about my writing/RP writing.
~ I'm a naturally nocturnal person.
~ I do card readings that offers people guidance/assurance, but I don't use the traditional tarot deck for this as I've found other decks to be more clear for me to translate messages.
~ My favorite colors are blue, pink, and that weird mint green that kitchen appliances come in that seems more blue than green in certain light.
~ I have an annoying habit of mentioning all cows that I see while on road trips. This goes for sheep/lambs too. Some birds. And goats. Rabbits. Deer. Just any animal, really.
~ I like lists.


Rave Reviews

Begonia (played by Somnom)
This woman is such a joy to interact with, so quirky and cute! She's also incredibly well written and I absolutely adore her. Everything about her, from gestures to speech patterns, feels natural and makes it effortless to fall into step alongside her. Can't wait to perform some duets with together in the future! <3 Wonderful writer - Anonymous
I was given the privilege of designing and coding a template/style for Somnom as a commission. She's been an absolute joy to work with, always communicating excellently what she wants and when we could move forward with the process. She sticks to the promises made and is very understanding of any unforeseen delays on my end! 10/10 would work with Somnom again. <3 Helpful Creative ideas - Sanne

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