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Aye, welcome to my profile. I'm going to be straight up, I'm not the most interesting person, but I really enjoy role playing and I try my best to make them interesting and fun all around. Aside from that here are some of my interest.

•music (any form of metal)

Yea I honestly don't do alot, besides from that here's some genres I enjoy.

•Romance (personal favorite)
Dark themes
•Slice of life
°H̴̹͊o̴͈͐r̴̤͋r̴͎͛o̵̙͝r̷̯͊(gore and violence are acceptable)

Mixing some of the genres make them more interesting in my opinion. I also am open to other genres, I just dont think I'd be as fit for them.

Other things I enjoy:
•Sally Face
•How to train your dragon
•Warrior Cats
•My Hero Academia
•Soul Eater


I try to be detailed with my responses. Usually I'll send 2+ paragraphs but it ranges. Sometimes I send 10, depends how I feel and how much effort I get. I really dislike one-liners so if that's all you can manage it probably wouldnt work out well. I do prefer atleast decent grammar, as i am not perfect either and make mistakes, more than I'd like to admit.

I dont mind starting a roleplay without a plot in mind but I'd atleast like a breif summary of the situation our characters are put in so I know what I'm dealing with and how I can incorporate and use my own characters.

I usually am on fairly frequently, atleast 3 times a day if not more. Depending on how detailed the rp is I will at least reply once or more a day. If I dont it's usually because I'm busy but I promise I'll always get back to you when I'm available.

This isnt definite for all role-plays but I tend to enjoy dark themes and touchy subjects, if that makes sense. Some of my characters deal with disorders or mental illnesses which is tentative to change depending on the rp, but ususally these stick with them since it's a part of them as a character. If you dont like this just let me know and we can work something out.

I'm fine with cursing. Your character can curse like a sailor all they want, I dont mind.

If you have anything you're uncomfortable with or not ok with let me know before we start the rp, I just ask for this so I dont do something that may potentially upset the other person. My intentions arnt meant to be ill.

Please if you do not wish to continue our rp please inform me. I wont be mad at all, if anything I'll be glad that you did. If you're on a haitus I understand aswell, I like to know but it's not my business.

The genre romance is my favorite all around but when I do romance I usually like mixing genres or atleast have an interesting plot to go off of.

Smut: I dont usually mind smut but sometimes if I'm not feeling it I'll ask to skip. I'm not really experienced in writing scenes like these but if it is a part of a build up it should be fine. I will not do any roleplays specifically revolving around this as the only plot point.

[MxF]: I prefer having the female role but I can definitely be male, sometimes I rather be male. Just depends on the plot given and the situation.

[MxM]: I am not skilled or experienced in doing a mxm but I would like to try it out sometime. I'd probably make a completely new character for this aswell. Non of my current characters really fit this.

[FxF]: I do not do fxf. I have nothing against fxf I just have no interest in pursuing an rp like this so if this is what you're looking for you might be in the wrong place.
I also accept constructive criticism. I know my writing isnt perfect, nor will it ever be. I yearn to improve my literary ability so anything helps. Just dont be rude about it please.

This basically sums it up. Other than that, if you have any questions or want to start a role play hit me up. Besides that stay chill and have a good day. 👌

Paranoia clouding your judgement-A Day to Remember

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where do I start? honestly I don't know. (there is so much to applaud her for!) They are a wonderful writer and very literate. She has a wonderful writing style that is interesting and unique in all the right ways, fast responses as well. Not to mention understanding when I had to take breaks or just me being a mess. 10/10 recommend! Kind and understanding Long posts - dssieri

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