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Sorrisky or Unicorn is generally what I go by for online Alias's.
I focus heavily on novella fantasy writing but also can do
Modern crime solving

I am a native English speaker and have been writing/RPing what will be going on 14 years now. I ain't the best, but I won't be disappointing. If you are looking for long term novella/ paragraph writing partner shoot me a message and we can discuss it.

To be noted that my fantasy characters are all connected to each other in a very large plot that I have worked on for a few years, that being said they can also be written into other plots as well. I generally will not hold back my writing though, if something might be gory, scary, or whatever else I will write it as it should be written. I will respect boundaries always and if there is something that is off-limits just be sure to communicate that with me, I don't go out my way to write gruesome/unsavory related things but sometimes in fantasy settings, it's bound to happen.

I have five characters currently up on my profile so be sure to swing by and see if any of them catch your attention.
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Rave Reviews

Sorrisky is always attentive and more than understanding when it comes to your needs. It almost feels like getting a custom fit when it comes to his plots and he is always willing to put up with just about anything I dish out. Not only can he take it, he can for sure dish it back. His long posts and wildly creative ideas are always a treat; not to mention his amazing use of resources and well-thought out original characters. I recommend him for any of your fantasy needs! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - OwlGryphon
Zavik (played by Sorrisky)
Zavik is a barrel of monkeys. Fun, lovable, and wild. He knows how to talk to the wicked with a stupid smile on his face and it is always a good laugh when he does. For a man who isn't good at anything; he's certainly a good find.

His player is friendly, understanding, and knows exactly how to have a good time! Join Zavik in a bar fight! ...or maybe throw a punch at the lovable doofus himself? It'll be a blast, no matter who is punching who! >;0 - OwlGryphon

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