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Oh, someone came to visit? Cool I get to test this out.

Domain Expansion: Temple of the Hurricane Gale
As the mysterious figure makes a strange hand sign, wind flares up violently around them, a building forming around you and the figure as they hover into the air, the large stones brought into existence build a large temple atrium with 4 statues of God like figures at the 4 cardinal directions. Suddenly, 4 tornados form at each statue, a Icy one with bone chilling wind and stinging ice at the north statue, a Burning hot tornado with violent ash an hot wind swirling around like a sandstone in front of the south statue. In the East, raging winds form a massive tornado, it's force alone destroying anything in front of it with pure blunt force. In the West, a tornado of slashing winds, cutting down anything in it's path. They all converge on you, each on slamming into you with a unique effect as they begin to form into on massive whirlwind around you. The stranger takes this moment of weakness as hundreds of spinning arrows of wind form all throughout the atrium, before flying into you and violently piercing you body.

Welcome to my humble abode of a profile, thanks for stopping by! I'm SoulHeart57, formerly known as YinYang_Creator, but you can call me Yin, Soul, or Lotus. I really like Lotus. As you might be able to tell by a lot of my character and other parts of my existence, I love love LOVE anime!

Rave Reviews

I have been roleplaying with Yin for around a year and half; meeting her on another roleplay site. She is overall a great writer and has many ideas. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Astrobean
Alright, hands down. Yin's is probably one of the most good RPers i have encountered. Including with a sense of humor when it comes to in character and out of character. I'd give it a 10/10! :D Great sense of humor Concise posts - Taro_Nuke1

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