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Update: Ī̵͋ ̴̓̐f̸̓͝ě̶̋e̷͋͝d̷̒̚ ̴̝̂o̵̓̀f̷́̌f̶̏͆ ̶̒̍ÿ̸͊o̴̽́ü̵̏r̵͑͊ ̵̄̕s̵̐̈́i̶̽͛n̵͑͊ś̵͠.̶̇̉

Sometimes I remember my old roleplaying buddy FandomForDays. . . . She may be gone but sometimes I feel as if I still get her messages and kudos.
Do you ever look at the stars and think. . .
HoLy cOw ThEy'Re gOnNa ExPlOdE!!
I do.

Anyways hello! I am the Cwen of Fithers! Or FitherCwen. Or Fi. Or Smoo or well. . . . I've got a lot of nicknames.

I'm still pretty early on in life, but I will announce I'm old enough to have a job, but I'm still in school. So, as a full time student and part time fast food worker I don't have the most time for roleplaying. But of course I still love doing it!

As an aspiring writer roleplaying with my characters helps me think of better ways to create my own story and build upon the lore of my world. My characters are limitless, and if I need to I can come up with one on the spot.

Because I'm experimenting with lot's of plot and writing styles I don't have any limits for how dark, violent, and R rated things get. Alas I'm still a minor. So probably a few boundaries are still needing to be set in place. I just haven't figured them out yet.

It's not confirmed but I could very well have ADHD and I know for a fact I've got a few violent tendencies and mental issues. I hate offending people so in order to roleplay with me make sure you make me aware of your preferences and boundaries. I admit I can get a bit carried away at times.
I think that's all the important stuff. Talk to ya'll later and don't die!

Rave Reviews

Fither is an amazing roleplay partner! I wish I could give them more than two of their amazing qualities! :D They understand when I haven't been on, and even if they're busy or haven't been on in a while, they always get around to messaging me. I'm in love with their style and their world building, and I can't get enough of it. So, kudos to this lovely person! <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - ALTY_Heave
Amazing writer love how she creates things and has everything planned out, If you wanna roleplay with her do it, She is amazing and could be a author if she wanted. Wonderful writer Long posts - Anonymous

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