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Hi, I'm Rain, your local chaos gremlin! :3 I hope you're doing well, whoever and wherever you may be. Under the collapse tags below, you can read a bit more information...

I'll answer to Rain, Gremlin, or Soup; any of those are fine! My pronouns are they/them and I'm in the Pacific timezone. :)
I'm a perpetually sleepy gremlin with a major sweet tooth and a head full of puns and useless trivia. I'm a fan of all things whimsical, spooky, or cute... and also eldritch abominations beyond one's comprehension. I like neat things, and I find a lot of things to be neat.
As far as hobbies go, I can most often be found listening to music or watching shows/movies/YouTube videos, usually in the background as I read or work on writing, worldbuilding, or character creation. I enjoy researching random topics, especially science-y nature-y ones like plants, animals, and outer space. I also love to play video games, though it's not something I get to do very often.
I'm very shy and anxious, but despite this I still enjoy talking to people and making new friends, so feel free to send me a message if you'd like! I can be kind of formal around people I don't know well, but the more you talk to me the more you'll realize... I have a lot of chaotic energy and a tendency to ramble about the things I love (except when I'm worried this'll bother people, which is often.) But anyway! Yeah! I'm always around if anyone needs a buddy! (That being said, I don't accept random friend requests. If you send me one when we've never talked before, I'll decline it. Sorry!)
P.S.: I love Warlocks (the D&D class), bubble tea, plushies, and climbing things that may or may not be meant for climbing. My favourite holiday is Halloween... I always want to pet or pick up wildlife... Oh, and all of my friends agree I'm some kind of cryptid/Fae/eldritch creature. So I think all that's a pretty good indication of the kind of gremlin I am. :3
P.P.S.: Have I mentioned recently enough that GingerHades is a fantastic person and an amazing writer and artist? I love her so much and would highly recommend checking out her characters and starting a roleplay with her if you get the chance! :D

  • I write in the third person, past tense.
  • My posts range anywhere from one to several paragraphs depending on the circumstances. I don't mind how much my partner writes, as long as it's more than a one-liner and they put effort into it.
  • My response rates are very sporadic and I'm sorry for this.
  • I only roleplay in private messages here on RPR, not on other sites like Discord, and not on the public forums (with the exception of events like Trick-or-Treating and the Summer Soiree.)
  • I prefer 1x1 RPs, but will sometimes RP with a small group.
  • I will roleplay with people of any age.
  • I mainly roleplay in the fantasy genre, in a variety of time periods and settings though modern fantasy comes easiest to me. I also love science fiction, but don't really have many characters suited to it at the moment.
  • I love wholesome, light-hearted RPs with adventure, comedy, and just general shenanigans. BUT! I also enjoy more serious RPs and am okay with the inclusion of darker topics (though I'd prefer to discuss their inclusion beforehand, to make sure everyone involved is comfortable with what's going on.) Really, my ideal story is one that has a balence of light-hearted and serious moments.
  • I am (sometimes) okay with psychological horror, along with some violence and fighting. However, I'm not particularly good at writing combat scenes, and RPs based solely around fighting don't interest me. I'm also pretty uncomfortable with detailed gore and body horror, though as I said, a bit of violence is okay.
  • I don't generally include romance in my RPs, and I never include sexual content of any kind. (Topics of sexual violence/abuse are especially important to avoid; please never bring them up.) I much prefer to write platonic relationships, especially friendship and found family (though less friendly relationships, like enemies or rivals, are fun as well.)

Aaaand that's about it, I think! I'll see you around, maybe! Take care! :)

Rave Reviews

Whether it be in an actual RP or on the forum games forum, Faedreamer has proven themselves to be an apt and creative RPer. They definitely seem to be a pleasant person, and also have a collection of really interesting characters. They've also seemed kind and friendly from OOC RP setup chatter, so definitely someone nice to get along with. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Riik
So I've been on this site for about ~3 days and honestly they're one if the best writers I've had the experience of typing and talking with! In the rp they're and amazing writer and can mirror match and beyond that which motivates me to write more the next time!
Out of the rp they're fun to chat with and generally and our with. 100/10 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - directly_dummie

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