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Hello! I'm not great at personal bios but here goes.

I've been role-playing for like 16-18 years, I've lost track at this point. I love Fandom and original roleplays that go with the flow and when it comes to romance are a good slow burn. Hit me with some good solid angst and development and I'm happy.

In terms of Fandom roleplays I'm admittedly a bit out of the loop but I have along list and a few preferred characters. I don't write explicit content but I also wont roleplay with someone under the age of 18 since I'm 31 and makes me feel weird. Also important is that I'm Ace but not opposed to romantic content.

I cosplay and often cosplay for my OCs and some characters on TikTok under the username Spacegators.

I'm a Slytherin but probably one of the nicest ones you know. If that weren't my official sorting I'd secondarily be a Hufflepuff lol. Harry Potter was a big part of my life growing up and it's still one of my favourite series but I also don't support the author or her views.

I LARP on the regular (although this year has been incredibly disrupted)

My top Fandoms are:
Marvel/MCU - Prefer to write Black Widow
Adventure Time- Prefer to write Princess Bubblegum
Harry Potter

Honestly there are others but I can't recall them all. I'll write canon and OC for most but Fandom I usually prefer to write Canon. I'm also pretty behind on some fandoms so AUs are my jam.

If any of my OCs is of interest to you lemme know because I'm 200% down for role-playing them.

Ask me about my OC Pinterest Boards.

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