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Hello there cowboy, I am SparksFly. I have been roleplaying, and writing in general for a very long time. It was about 2009 when I first discovered it, I used to always play roblox and I would join rp groups on there where I would rp things like Halo and Warrior cats...look I think by then I was about 12 years old so it was probably the equivalent of a kid smacking together action figures frantically shouting "AND NOW HE IS DEAD! BuuuuUUUUT THEN HE CAME BACK TO LIIIIIIFE."

Of course, over time I have evolved, and while I could never confidently say I am good at most things, I think I am a rather exceptional roleplayer. It is something I honestly like doing more then writing on my own, being able to share a story with someone else, not knowing where it might go as its up to them to drive the story until its your turn, and then anticipating their reactions when you layout your exciting post, is such a unique experience. I even met my beautiful wife through Roleplaying, my ties with this type of shared story telling are inseparable.

I am down for just about any kind of roleplay if the idea is solid enough, but allow me to be a little less vague. I like medieval fantasy roleplays, but in my years I have done soooo many of them, and I am a little over with them honestly. This does not constitute a straight up disapproval of a fantasy roleplay, it would probably just take a well put together idea and world to get me into it. I cant just simply do those basic fantasy games that pretty much just run with some kind of vague Lord of the Rings idea anymore. I also dont often do fandom role plays, but I do make exceptions for Halo, and Spiderman. The main reason I dont like fandom role plays is because those kind of things tend to be populated by a younger audience (especially the spiderman one) but if there ever is anyone who is over the age of 18, and is just as big of a fan over those to things as me, I would be totally down. Lastly, anything from the modern world up I will be good with. Modern is a little shaky, I dont really like slice of life roleplays, but if you put a interesting flair on it, like being in a war, or running a crime ring, ect. then I will like it, and anything sci-fi (this covers cyberpunk, simulated reality, cosmic horror, really just anything that can be contextualized as sci-fi) I can go full blast with.

Okay I am done talking so much, do you like me? I like me. I would message me about a possible role play if I liked me, and I do like me. So message me. (Take that as a threat if you want)

Below I wanted to provide some examples of my rp styles. These are all from past rps, and some of them may have been from a while ago, but hopefully still hold up to how I rp today.

Rp Opener
It was deep in the calm space, some where far from the Milky Way that everyone came from. Humanity in its persistence keeps finding boundaries and pushing them further and further, pushing past their own moon, their neighboring planets, their own Galaxy. They often take for granted how far they have come. However when you're aboard a space shuttle, looking out the window into a massive sea of darkness lit up only by small balls of light hovering in the void, and you are filled with that awestruck wonder you will find that there is no other experience like it. You always think about that first time you saw your planet, gently spinning in its gravitational pull. All of the politics and complications with that tiny little fraction of life become nothing in the vast ocean of life. Out there in the void, new discoveries await every corner, and humanities drive to push that boundary further is never ending. Just as the morning sun rises every day, casting light to the lands to be explored, so too does the Star Fleet Carrier aptly named, "The Morning Sun." It is like a city in and of itself. The fleet could cast a shadow on the entirety of New York, traversing it requires using built in monorails, and sections of the ship are dedicated just to living like anyone would in a apartment complex. The Fleet has a simple mission, act as the command center for the NSO{Naval Space Operations} and main Voyager for Earth and her colonies. Consisting of over a hundred teams of Planetary Expedition Experts that they call Pioneers, she has been the heart and soul of Humanity and their allies expansion across the Galaxy.

You have heard of this ship before, but now you get to experience it first hand as you have been specialty picked for the formation of the 41st Pioneer Team.

Noah Hjalmer was called into the ships briefing area 4 weeks prior to the expected arrival of the expedition. He walked through the sliding doors, wearing his formal uniform. "Admiral Carter sir! "Noah said with a salute as he entered.

"At-Ease Sargent, you may have a seat. "The young, yet hardened Admiral said, waving his hand to the nearest seat. Other then the two of them, the room was seemingly empty. "Noah, I have called you in today because I want to offer you a proposition. I know that long ago you where striving to become a pilot so that you could join our Pioneer teams and make contact with new planets...particularly Cerberus. I told myself if the opportunity ever came I would put you high on my list but due to certain incidents you had, it would be hard to find a spot for you. "The Admiral was saying as he set a stack of documents in front of him.

"Such an opportunity just came up. Normally Pioneer teams would consist of a flight squad of 7 pilots, and 30 scientist, but Cerberus is no normal affair. So me and a the head of our Planetary research, Sara Downs, are constructing a special Pioneer team to specifically handle the expedition of Cerberus. Given that we cannot survey the land before making contact, Sara wants a team consisted of two escorts as protection, a pilot, and a mechanic. She wanted to keep the team small, and have a little bit of everything to be ready for whatever may happen."

"This..."Noah said as he looked through the documentations that he had. "Sounds fantastic, if not a little worrying. "His voice was husky and weathered, matching the warn face of the 30 year old man.

"I can assure you that nothing should go wrong this time, we are prepared for anything. I dont want to repeat history."

"Then what do I need to do?"Noah asked, getting straight to the point.

"Just choose who you want to bring from your squad, and I have a list of mechanics I think would be the best for you to bring a long too. I am leaving the choice up to you as you would know what would be best for your squad."

"In that case I want Clay as my pilot, he is a good pilot. One of the best. And I want Misaki to come too."

"Misaki?"Carter asked with a raised eyebrow, seeming to have a varying opinion on her.

"I know she has her anger issues, but she works good for me, and I wouldn't trust anyone else."

Carter shrugged, not adhering closely to the stoic mannerisms of a high ranking military officer. "So be it then..."

"As for the mechanic...I dont need to look through all these in detail to know that I want this guy."He said pointing to a man named Gunnar Hanson. "He is the only one listed with Military History. No offence to the scientist of yours, but if I am going to be baby sitting, I dont want to have to worry about more the one person. If this guy can handle himself in a fight, then I will take him over any of these others."

Carter nodded. "Sounds like a good choice. I will let everyone know about their enlistment into Pioneer 41st. And Noah, I just want you to keep in mind, I need you and your squad to do anything you can to protect Sara and yourselves, but she is the one leading this expedition. You will be getting orders from her."

Noah winced a little as he broke his composure slightly. His team was not going to take orders from anyone but him, especially if that person was not a leatherneck like the rest of them. Getting his squad to corporate would probably be harder then landing on Cerberus. "I my best sir."

"I hope so. And Sargent one more thing. "Carter said as he took a long sigh and leaned against the table. "My father...put your father into the situation that lead to his disappearance. I have been fighting an uphill battle ever since I took this position to clear my families name and make all the wrongs right. I have stuck my neck out for you on this, many of my advisors said you are too close to this matter, and you might become emotionally compromised. But I want to help you, I know you want this more then anyone. Please, whatever happens down there...whatever you find, keep your cool, and don't make me regret this." He said with a deep sincerity. His eyes met with Noah's, and as much as Noah wanted to hide his emotions they cracked through his skin ever so slightly, showing that melancholy anger boiled inside him.

"I'll do my best sir. But I dont know how well I can promise my forgiveness."

Carter looked down at the table and pierced his lips, remaining silent for a second too long. Gaining the validation from others was not something he was seeking out, but he constantly felt like he was just expected to make all the same mistakes his father did. It was becoming a bit disheartening. "You are dismissed Sargent."

The weeks went by, and everyone involved in the assembly of the new team was notified, and sent to The Morning Sun to begin their departure soon. It was not only a few days away from the scheduled departure, and Noah and his team where working together in the hanger, getting their ship, a Jatayu-98, ready for flight. His pilot, Clay, was doing his checks over the ship to make sure things like his engine and landing gear where up to par, while Noah and Misaki loaded some supplies into the ship.

"So any Idea why they call this planet Cerberus?" Clay asked with his Australian laced tongue.

"Well I heard it was just because if had three moons."Misaki said while she hulled a crate in.

"Like the three headed dog? Well that aint very creative now innet?"

"Well I have heard other people say some different things. The NSO have been very quiet on what they know transpired that day...some suggest they named it that because Cerberus is the guard to the gates of the underworld. So take that as you will."

"Uhhh...surly though that is just rumors right?"Clay asked with a bit of an unease.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night."Misaki said as she walked back to gather more supplies.

"Dont start psyching each other out already. If we are going to get through this we need to be level headed. "Noah said

"Oy, I am always level headed...this is just a new kind of level for my head to go to I guess. "Clay said while tinkering with his engines. "Hey, you think God is all the way out here? Gracing us on our journey to Planet he may or may not have created?"

"If you believe it then I sure hope so for your sake."

Misaki watched as a man with a few robotic prosthetic started walking their way with intent on his face. "Who's that?"

Noah lowered his head from the inside of the hull and peeked through to see the man walking up. "Looks like our Mechanic finally arrived. Show some respect he is going to be in the squad."

"He better not touch my beauty...if I see one misplaced wire..."Clay muttered while his head and upper torso was deep into the side of the engine to clean its fuel injectors, his voice muffled slightly from the metal around him.

"Mr.Hansen nice to meet you finally. "Noah said as he raised his hand for a shake."This is my point man, Misaki Hytomi, and that pair of legs dangling from the engine is Clay Lachlan our pilot."Misaki remained a bit distant and didn't say much as she continued to load the supplies.

"A pleasure to meet you mate." Clay said as he wiggled out of the engine like a bird hatching from its egg. He was dirtied with oil and soot, but for Hansen that must be pretty normal. "Ah poor fellow, looks like we both bit off more then we could chew. "Clay said as he noticed he had a few prosthetic just like himself. "Dont worry, I wont be giving us a reason to lose any more limbs. I am a good pilot, one of the best." He said as he reached out for a handshake as well.

Even though Misaki was giving a cold shoulder, the group seemed welcoming enough, at least more then most Marine squads would be. Noah himself seemed to ensue a natural energy about him that was that of a highly motivated and endurance driven man, the rest of his team complimented the feeling as well and there did not seem to be much a weak link in his tight group.

Rp Opener from a more recent rp. Contains a bit of explicit language and graphic details
"We keep him in here. He doesnt respond too much of anything and just repeats the same phrase over and over so...I dont think you will get much out of him." A nurse said while standing in front of a padded door, the kind you most often see at an insane asylum. She was talking to an African American man, tall and dressed in a coffee brown trench coat with a badge. The badge wasnt one you would normally see on law enforcement, but it looked similar. Only notable difference was the acronym "PCCA" and the name Logan Penn. The man himself looked rugged and middle aged, his eyes have seen much and his demeanor seemed cold.

"And how long did you say he claimed to be in that forest? "The man asked with a husky voice as he was writing notes

"He claimed for thirty years but his age hasn't seemed to change since his disappearance 3 years ago."

"Yeah time works kind of strange in that place."

"Sir...Mr.Carter is rather delusional. It's best not to feed into his beliefs."

"Keep telling yourself that. Ignorance is bliss."He said as stepped through the door.

The air felt different as he broke through the portal to the other side. The clean filtered air of the hospital was now just stale and dusty, with a slight hint of urine. The light inside was turned off, so the only thing luminating the room was the sun piercing the vail of the bullet proof window that lined the top of the furthest wall. Inside was a man. How surprising. His hair was disheveled and grey but despite that his face looked rather young. He wasnt tied down or in a straight jacket so he didnt seem to be the violent type. At the moment he was sitting at a desk, hunched over and drawing something. The only things in the room where that desk, a bed, and an old TV that looked like the only thing it could do was play old VHS tapes

"Carter. My name is Logan and I was hoping to ask you some questions." The detective said as he grabbed a seat and sat near him

There was no response as he kept scribbling down on his paper.

"What do you know about Rosehall forest?"

Carter suddenly stopped drawing and almost seemed to freeze up. He was silent for a moment before quietly muttering,

"The night doesnt stop."

Logan nodded and wrote the phrase down in his notepad. "And what does that mean?"

"The night doesn't stop."

It was obvious he wasn't going to really get anywhere with that question so he moved on "What did you see in there?"

"The night doesn't stop."

"You entered the Rosehall forest 3 years ago and ended up being found wondering around a river in Rockwood. How did you end up all the way over there?"

"The Husk." The man dropped his pencil and stared down. He seemed almost motionless, so much so that a bit of his saliva started dripping down his lip. At second glance Logan could have sworn he saw a bit of red in that saliva

"What is that?"

Instead of directly answering his question he just moved out of the way and showed him what he was drawing.


Logon gave the drawing a good look over, really considering it and not just passing it off as insane scribbles. "Is this what you saw?"

The man looked at him as though he so badly wanted to say something but when he opened his mouth he could only once again say, "The Husk will consume."

"What is he consuming?"

The man's lips trembled as he looked at him with a painfully terrified look. The pupils in his eyes dilated and shuttered with each raspy breath that was getting concernedly more and more strained. It seemed like it took every fiber of his being to just say,


Before he could finish a small amount of blood began to trickle down the side of his lip. His voice gave a rattling moan before his skin started to rapidly wrinkle and wilt away, almost like all those years he claimed to be in that forest suddenly caught up to him in a matter of seconds. Before Logan knew how to respond his cheeks where sunken deep into his skull and his skin was grey and seemed like it would crumble if touched. His wide eyes were pronounced by the sunken skin around it. His hand clutched onto Logan's coat as he tried desperately to scream but all that escaped his throat was another dry moan. The pain in the mans eyes was so tremendous but he could do absolutely nothing as his fingers started to wither away and the muscle gave out and decayed. Slowly, his fingers began to crack and break, letting go of his coat. Carter fell to the floor with a loud thud, snap, and a limp roll.

On the floor now laid a man who looked like a corpse, left out to dry for several years.

"NURSE!" Logan cried out. There was nothing they could do. He was already gone, and lord knows he wouldn't want to subject the poor nurse to this horrific sight, but it was the only thing he knew to do in this moment. A nurse and doctor came rushing in just as he rushed out. He could hear their confused chaos as he jogged away from the door. Those poor people wasted years of their lives studying medical procedures, and absolutely none of it was there to help them now. Logan's hands stumbled in his coat pocket for his phone and he quickly dialed a number and hastily said to the person on the other end,

"Get me to Rosehall. Quick as ****ing possible"

Settled in the middle of relative no where was the small town of Rosehall. It's that type of ideal town you must have seen in a movie or two. All the buildings on the main street where built in the early 1900s and besides the vines growing up the brick walls they where still standing proud and tall. The residents where mostly kind old folks and middle classed workers. Everyone seemingly knew each other one way or another and you just had to hope the rumors about you were good ones.

The whole town was surrounded by a beautiful forest that was mostly untouched. The forest surrounded the town almost like a natural gate, the only real entrance into this hide away was an easy to miss exit off the highway. Other then that, other roads turn into dirt, and go into the woods. The town seemed to almost be perpetually set somewhere between summer and fall, as the trees where always a healthy mixture of green and orange. You feel a rich history in the town as you walk through and just about everything from the stores to the restaurants seemed local. If you where ever lucky enough to find its empty spot on the map, it may seem like a great place to retire.

With such a quite town you can imagine the police are relaxed. As a matter of fact the police where only 5 men strong. However that number is about to turn into a whopping 6 today.

Sunlight beamed through the police departments window shades, titled just enough to let that light naturally brighten the rooms. As you walk in you will noticeably smell old carpet, and coffee. If you are really tuned to your senses you may even smell cigarettes stained into the walls from days long gone when a man could smoke anywhere they wanted before those pesky health laws.

Everything inside seemed strictly old school. There were file cabinets detailing every little case, cork boards with someone's grocery list tacked on, and not a single computer on any of the oak desk.

"Officer Harvey can I see you for a minute please. An old man in the Sheriff's office called out. Of course this was the Sheriff himself, an older man with a white handle bar mustache, a tired face, and a brown cowboy hat to complete the look of a bygone era.

"Sir." A young blond man said as he leaned against the doorway.

"Harvey as you may know we got a new deputy transferring over today..."The man said, just managing to get that voice out of an old gravelly highway that had years of smoking in its records.

"Mmhm I saw that. Some guy from the big city transferring to a town in the middle of no where. Sounds like a sitcom in the making, sir." Harvey said with an enthusiastic tone. He gave a small smile as though satisfied with his little joke.

"Seems so. It's been a long time since we have had anyone new around here. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking him in as a partner, show him how we run things around here. We ain't had anyone patrolling as a duo in some time. Maybe it will set some people at ease."

Harvey shrugged and nodded a little. "Yeah, sure."

"You uh...don't have any problem with this at all? No 'I work alone' line?"

"Chief you have been watching too many of those old buddy cop movies. No, I don't mind. I have been getting a bit bored. I wouldn't mind taking in an apprentice and showing them how to survive in this rough and tumble town."

"Harvey please take this seriously...we need to keep whoever we can on this force with all these strange happenings."

"Heh...happenings. Yeah that's one thing to call it. I'll do my best sir. When he's ready I'll make sure to hit up the patrol to Sunshine Donuts, and make sure that Mrs. Maple hasn't lost her cat again." He said with a reassuring finger gun before grabbing himself a cup of coffee and walking back to his desk as he waited for this newcomer.

It was a beautiful day in the town and the people where out there enjoying it, taking their time on a leisurely walk on the towns "main road" that had a few shops and the towns one and only stop light, or outside their house getting some yard work done. For Harvey this was looking to be a good day. He always looked forward to the sunny days where he could say hi to the townsfolk, and help keep everyone's minds off things. It seems like the only thing he really can do at the moment.

Typical Rp Response
"Oh trust me Earth isnt that much better. But they like to act like they are doing great, because their police force crushes absolutely any form of freedom there to make sure its all nice and clean. People just cant have it good anymore, you either leave things too loose and you get situations like this city, or you tighten them too much and now you are a borderline dictator. If I had to choose, I would pick this over anything."

Gordon was a rather reckless driver, it his sudden breaking at stop lights, ignorance to speed limits, and quick and jerky turns never really got them in a situation before, but it could be awful annoying sometimes. At least in a car chase he was very resourceful. Their home office and apartment were all strategically placed close by to the police office so they could always make a quick stop by when needed. He parked his car on the side of the road, making sure to avoid a parking meter even if it meant he had to walk a little further.

"Alright Shortstop you go ahead and just listen to the radio while I go in real quick. If I am not back in 15 minutes, call the cops."He said jokingly as he stepped out of the car, leaving it on so she didn't suffocate, God forbid. He stepped to the door of the station, his clean black oxfords making a noticeable clack with each step, and he took a deep breath at the door. He didnt really like the Police Station. The cops inside where not really mean to him, in fact they were about fifty fifty. Some of the cops loved it when he came in because it usually meant he was about to take a case off their hands and they often joked around with him, and some of the more honorable ones didn't approve of his methods and refrained from talking to him often. He just hated it because the atmosphere of the whole place just seemed disingenuous. Nobody really cared for there job or who lived or who died, there were a few for sure, but the whole place was fallen to the wayside mostly.

He pushed open the bullet proof glass door and walked over to the secretary."If the Chief or Gil is in, let them know Gordon is here."He said to the secretary before taking a seat and waiting on one of them to show up.

"Gordon!"A woman cried out. Gordon winced a little at the voice, knowing all to well who it was. He saw a short framed blond woman in police uniform in her mid 40s skip over his way. She had a wide grin on her face as she tied her hair back into a bun quickly before approaching. It was Officer Jade. She was a good officer, one of the few who really cared, but damn did she scratch his chalk board. She has a very obvious infatuation with Gordon and was always talking his ear out every chance she got, and Gordon wanting nothing to do with it. He had a way of being a bit too nice to women to be able to really just tell her off, so he always has this, 'please get me out of here face' when she was around that she never seems to pick up on.

"What are you doing in here?"She asked joyously.

"Turning myself in for murder."

Jade giggled at his response even though he said in a very passive aggressive manner."Silly. I guess you are here to pick up some cases hmm?"She asked as she sat by him


"That is so nice! The city really needs more detectives like you and that cute little girl! Where is she anyways?"

"A much better place."

"A much better pl- she...?"

"In the car. Yes."

"Oh...oh okay, well, if you want a heads up I saw a bounty for a lost dog, you should look it up!"

"I need something a bit more profitable then a lost puppy, but I will make sure take a look at my local Chinese restaurant next time I stop by."

"Gordon that is..."

"Belligerent and racist I know, I am a terrible person why do you talk to me."

Jade just giggled again at his response and placed a hand on his leg."Because you are just charming I cant help it."

"Okay wow you have a hand on my leg lets just..."Gordon said as he gently grabbed her wrist and slowly placed it back on her own leg."Put that back where it belongs..."

"Oh Gordon did I tell you about my trip to the Red River last month?"

"Oh my gosh!"Gordon said in a forced expression of surprise."You did not, but I really dont need to hear it I can see how fun it was just based off that look in your eyes."

She started rambling off about her trip anyways. Gordon could not wait for someone to walk through that door and get him out of this situation, as every second was feeling like a eternity, he felt a new white hair grow with each syllable she pronounced. Calvary needed to come quick

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SparksFly is a wonderful person and RPer. He is SO kind and very creative, his responses in RP are top notch. I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t have kudos! I look up to him a lot already and he is already teaching me a lot with writing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ImCitrus
Man, I really want to put more than two qualities, but you know- gotta have some limits (yes, I would put all of them). I am doing two RPs with Sparks, and HE IS SO GOOD?!?! Like, how??? Anyway, he's really nice too and supportive. His posts are also long too, and gives a lot of opportunities for creativity. So, yeah, I would write so much more, but we got those dumb limits, so just trust me, Sparks is an incredible RP partner! ;) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - AliRevellian

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