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I'm Ashley and probably the most inconsistent person you'll ever meet!

But hey, what flaws I do have I try and make up for with humor and friendliness. If you ever need an ear, just whisper me all your problems and I'll whisper back sweet nothings to make you feel better. <3

But on a more serious note, my inconsistency is mostly due to being really busy irl. I try and make time for as much as I can between life events, so if it ever feels like i've gone dark on you, know that it's never personal. I'm trying to be better about communicating life events to my friends.

Also, feel free to call me Spaz. There are about 1 million too many Ashley's in the world so it gets confusing in the OOC.

I'll add more to this once I'm not lazy. May never happen..

I'm also an artist and you can find my gallery on dA.

Also, I really freakin' love corgis and cats.

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This girl has a heart of gold, and a hilarious personality to boot.
It has been my pleasure to get to roleplay with and speak to this lovely lady.

Here is to more adventures! - Nelianelly
A dear friend over the years, she's someone I can go to whenever I need to just talk and I know she'll give me an honest opinion. Ashley doesn't hide her thoughts and I love her for that. Her roleplay is lovely and some of my best roleplay memories come from my ones with her. On top of the fantastic roleplay and unfaltering loyalty she shows as a friend, there are very few people I feel comfortable speaking with about certain matters. But I can go to her without fear of being judged. - Maddi

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