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Hey there!

I'm a friendly little bean so please don't be shy to approach me. If you do, I might actually cry tears of joy because I'm so worried that this site will turn out to be dead (I'm new, so you never know!).

I have at least ten years of writing under my belt. I won't say that that makes me wonderful, but it does mean I've been around the block a few times? I'm used to exploring new things, I know how to work with the developing interest or lack of, and to me roleplay is really just about having a good time.

"Well, what's your definition of a good time?" You definitely didn't say, because this isn't a verbal conversation; Yet here I am with answers to give.

-Romance (between any genders)
*Romance can get steamy and it can exclude romantic elements. That is to say, I'm just as down to write a toxic train wreck as I am to indulge in fluff.
*High fantasy, urban, supernatural, I am weak
*Thrilling, gore filled, suspension in the atmosphere, go wild.
-Adventure and Comedy
-Them edgy vibes
-Slice of Life
*Can't go wrong with simply exploring the characters being who they are.

I tend to have a heavy focus on character interactions and development, followed by the story or plot. Initially I'll often work off a vague plot idea but then I like to wing it. My writing is literate, but I can use action stars and such if you prefer, and I vary from semi to multi-para. The name of my game is to write as much as you need, no need to hold back to stretch it out.

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