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Hi, I'm Spider!


I've been roleplaying for about a decade now, so I hope that means I'm at least somewhat decent at writing haha. But if I'm not, I like to be told so I can improve.

I like writing everything! I normally roleplay and prefer modern fantasy in third person, but I'm not here to put myself in a box. I'm here to experiment! (Just not groups or one-liners. Please never one-liners, think of the children).

Gore and sex are a-okay. I have no shame in what I write, so I'll write literally whatever (apart from the obvious, you know, CP).

My characters aren't set in stone, so if I do reuse them I'm 100% willing to change some minor things about them in order to fit the roleplay (even though I won't change it on their profile). :)

Constantly thinking of what I'm going to write next

Timezone: BST

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