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Hello! My name is Kaleb, and I've been role playing for almost two years. I was born in California, and I've yet to move to Michigan to adapt to the rest of the community and some of my friends who role play from that side of the world.

I have had a passion for role playing since I first discovered the topic through a game (World of Warcraft), and I wanted to open my circle of characters to the world whether it be character development to the community who loves these characters. I have created so many characters, and I have yet to put all of them in this repository website so people can get an idea on what I would rather RP as.

I can adapt to almost everyone's writings. The strong and in-depth writers are hard to follow. Sorry, but I do love your passions and preferred way of writing. My genre preferences are Romance (Favorite) Action and Adventure (Favorite), Combat (Favorite), Fantasy (Favorite), Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Crime, Family, Casual, Town, and sometimes Women's Fiction and Literary Fiction.

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