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Hello! My name is Kaleb, and I've been role playing for almost two years. I was born in California, and now I moved to Michigan to adapt to the rest of the community and some of my friends who role play from that side of the world.

I have had a passion for role playing since I first discovered the topic through a game (World of Warcraft), and I wanted to open my circle of characters to the world whether it be character development to the community who loves these characters or crafting fresh ones! I have created so many characters, but can really only use so many on a regular basis.

I can adapt to almost everyone's writings. The strong, in-depth writers are hard to follow. Sorry, but I do love your passions and preferred way of writing. Most genres are accepted! My biggest preferences are Romance, Action and Adventure, Combat, and (Generic) Fantasy.

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Kind and understanding Concise posts Fast responses - Anonymous
I have not RPed a long time with them but I love the style and how they RP. The story we are doing is so far really interesting and I feel like it is fun. I recommend if you want a good rp with a good story than check them out. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Bombsqwad14

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