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Hi, I'm spiritualEclipse or any other number of names but here I went with spiritualEclipse I guess! Alot of people here have taken to calling me Spirit, but if I'm being honest I'd prefer Eclipse as a short form of my name, since it'd make more sense given the reasoning behind the name. Calling me Spirit is almost like an oxymoron-. Alternately you can call me by the name I'm most used to being called, Len (I didnt use it as my username here cause thats also the name of my main RP character.)

I'm a bloodthirsty zealot that calls for ruin to all humans but most people seem to overlook that pretty easily so I guess I'm not that obtrusive about it. Mostly I really like cute things, but my definition of "cute" is, maybe a bit unconventional. I'll put a section about it way down below the important stuff

Speaking of important stuff, we're all here for RPing so I'll give you a brief rundown on my RP types, you can read the specific sections for more details. I do fantasy (including sci-fi fantasy but not including modern fantasy) and cuddle RP's, possibly at the same time but possibly not. I also do not do romance under any circumstances.


- Incest is not an acceptable topic

- Explicitly sexual themes are not something I want to participate in

- I have great disdain for romance

- I will not do group RP's without some rules or order imposed to keep track of what the heck is going on, and will not do RP's where everything is chaotic and makes no sense. It is confusing and not fun if I dont have any sense of where anything is in relation to eachother, when anything is going on, or who is doing what to who.

Style and writing length
The length of what I can write is dependant on what type of RP it is and what the context is. Generally for sci-fi and fantasy RP's I'll write reasonably large documents of reference material, maybe 5-10 paragraph starters, and up to a few paragraphs during action scenes. However, I simply cannot write long posts of dialogue. My dialogue posts will tend to be around two to three paragraphs unless I have multiple people talking. I dont really get super long dialogue posts, cause I'm just waiting on the other person to respond so I can continue the conversation.

Similarily, when I'm doing cuddle RP's my post length is drastically different. Those require "much" less set-up and generally my posts are quite short. The much-maligned "one-liner" commonly finds its home here, although I will often write around a paragraph. multi-paragraph is basically unheard of outside of maybe a starter or scene transition, and really I have no idea how the heck anyone could write more than that during a cuddle RP. If you think you have some idea on how to do something like that I'd be fine with trying but... well, I'll just say I'm doubtful that it could be pulled off satisfactorily.

Generally I am fairly adaptable with post length and can definitely write short-response fantasy and sci-fi RP's, but I really cant write longer posts for dialogue or cuddles. Especially since I'm the only person I know who routinely does cuddle RP's, and so I wouldnt really have a reference for any other style or way of doing them.

Now style... I dont really know what to say here but there are a few questions I Get asked occassionally. I'm generally very, very, verrrry "freestyle" in most every aspect. I dont write in a particular "person" (first person, second person, third person) but rather change just depending on whatever feels natural at the time. I will commonly switch even within an RP so sorry if thats dissorienting I guess. I dont really care how the other person writes and I think its fine to have multiple styles in the same RP, I really dont find it to be a problem.

I generally like long-term RP's, and I have a bit peculiar tastes in terms of the focus of them. Relationships are good and all and of course they should be present, but I like focusing on two things in particular: My characters growth skill and strength wise throughout RPs, and creating with my characters. I like having my characters start out weak and eventually become super super powerful. I also like spending lots of time on basic details like my characters hunting, knapping, smithing, mining, smelting.... that kind of stuff. I guess thats rather peculiar, but I'm not really a fan of fast-paced stuff and I like just having everything take its time. My optimal RP would be essentially entirely endless, and I kinda design my worlds to not really have an "end" plotwise, so they can just keep going forever... not that I've had an RP to satisfy that itch in aeons.

Types of RP's and flavor

In fantasy/sci-fi RP's I generally like very long-term, slower-paced RP's, where I have plenty of time to develop the world, setting, and characters. I like taking time for osme possibly mundane tasks like hunting, smithing, mining, etc. and also like having characters that grow not just personality wise but power wise too. I generally dont like starting off powerful (or having my partner start powerful!) instead, I like the idea of starting out relatively weak then getting more powerful- you cant really be overpowered if you earned it through hard work throughout the whole RP after all.

Another thing to note is that I despise forced specialization. the idea that being good at one thing means you cant be as good at others, or that you can only have so many skills... Bah, ridiculous. I very much like having my characters be good at everything... just so long as its warranted and they actually have to train or have the experiences to accomplish that. I dont like class systems and generally intermix all sorts of combat styles in my characters.

I like magic being a semi-rare, important, mystical aspect of settings. I dont like when magic is just an "option" or part of everyday life. to me, magic should be an all-encompassing, awesome, and mysterious force, rare and insurmountable. For my part I prefer working magic into swordplay or archery or whatever, rather than making these separate from "magical" combat.

For sci-fi on the other hand, I generally like sorta-hard sorta-soft sci-fi. I like having lots of realistic and practical devices, weapons, ships, etc. and mostly physics and laws based on reality, but then with some supernatural force in the setting that completely disrupts that (a la warhammer 40k, although more towards realistic than that).

Most of my favorite settings are dark fantasy or dark sci-fi, but I dont actually really prefer "dark" strictly, that just kinda seems like a coincidence almost, but the tendency is definitely there.

As for cuddle RPs... I really like sibling cuddles in particular. Those are easily my favorite type. Outside of that, I'll vary from more realistic cuddle RPs to fantasy, but that is mostly just flavor and doesnt matter that much in the grand scheme of things. Usually some slice-of-life characteristics will be incorporated because even as cuddle-hungry as I am, doing literally nothing but cuddling is boring.

The Three Pillars of Cuteness

as promised, some details on my idea of cuteness! not that anyone cares! oh well here we are so lets get this show on the road.

The first pillar of cuteness, and the most conventional one, is Innocence. Cuteness is always innocent and free from the degeneracy, perversity, and corruption of humans and other primate filth. Innocence in its most formal definition is "lack of corruption; purity" and purity is "Freedom from immorality" roughly. Now thats a bit more narrow in scope than I would mean but it works as a good start. Innocence also means acting according to innocent ideals and in innocent ways. Cynicism and utilitarianism are not innocent. An exemplifier of innocence looks innocent and is untainted by the ravages of age and perversion.

The second pillar of cuteness and the hardest one to explain, is Will. Will is the word I use but several other words might be an approximation... Discipline, Willpower, Drive, Resilience. This one is a vague, complicated one that I really cant do justice in english words, but my best approximation is to say that it is to think, act, and will towards pure motives according to pure causes. Further, it is to have the capacity to remain uncorrupted and stay true to cuteness even in dark situations. An exemplifier of Will can retain their ideals in any situation and will fight, kill, and die for those ideals. A good example in particular would be protectiveness towards ones friends or family.

The third pillar of cuteness and the one that will cause everyone to do a double take is INCREDIBLE ULTRAVIOLENCE. Yes you heard that correctly its incredible violence. It is no mistake that most cute things are predatorial (cats, foxos, bears, lots of lizards and snakes...). There is great purity to be found in the willingness to kill and die for a cause, and it is one of the most primal and powerful means of expressing an emotion. If those causes and emotions are pure ones, then incredible ultraviolence is naturally a great outlet for cuteness.

I didnt say my opinions would be popular-

Outside of the "three pillars", theres a few more specific things I find really cute. I uh. I think close siblings are adorable and precious and need to be protected. I really like the idea of that kind of relationship and its just so precious my heart just cant even handle it- especially when they're protective of eachother and look out for eachother and. just. my heart- My definition of siblings is pretty weird though and to me I completely dont care if its biological or adoptive siblings. Also I love cats, foxes, and red pandas.

True cuteness is not only uncorrupted, but incorruptible. Any creature susceptible to the ravages of age and corruption, that will falter in its purity, is not "truly" adorable.

The Heartlands setting and Lexta

There was going to be a big section here describing alot of concepts in my setting, geography, and details about my main species I use. However.... it was too long. I still have all of the documents though. So if you want to know more about my main setting and species, message me and I'll send it.


Rave Reviews

i just started a cute RP with eclipse not too long ago, and have also been chatting OOC with them alongside it, and oh my goodness i cannot say this enough. eclipse is one amazing human, (has a great understanding of cute things) writes amazingly well, and i love talking to them sm! kudos! (⌒▽⌒)☆ Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - haneulseongie
Eclipse is a lovely person to chat and rp with, they have an entire world to explore and characters to go with it! I would highly recommend striking up a conversation or an rp with Eclipse. From what I've seen their characters are very personable and well thought out. A delightful experience! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - BreezyDawn

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