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Hi, I'm spiritualEclipse or any other number of names but here I went with spiritualEclipse I guess! If you would like to shorten my name, I prefer Eclipse. As an introduction, my favorite things are cute siblings, cuddles, GLORIOUS ULTRAVIOLENCE, and vehicular design. In terms of RP, I like fantasy and sci-fi, but in reality I mostly do twinny cuddle rp's, because cute twins are really cute. Or even better, twinny cuddle and adventure RP, because what is cuter than slaughtering the enemies of cuteness and then cuddling afterwards?

I have two main settings, 'Heartlands' and 'Voidlands', which are high fantasy and sci-fi with fantasy elements, respectively. I make 3d art, much of it based on the modern era of the 'Voidlands' setting (particularly vehicular designs); you can see one example here: . I also have websites for both of my settings, as well as a narrative within the 'Heartlands' setting.

Other than that, I'm a bloodthirsty zealot, and in terms of philosophy or ideology I probably will not get along with anyone. But thats alright, cause we're here to rp and have fun, right? So lets just stick to that, and I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

Rave Reviews

Eclipse is a lovely person to chat and rp with, they have an entire world to explore and characters to go with it! I would highly recommend striking up a conversation or an rp with Eclipse. From what I've seen their characters are very personable and well thought out. A delightful experience! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - BreezyDawn
I've been RPing with Eclipse for a while now, and find them to have interesting and unconventional ideas that certainly translate into enjoyable RP scenarios. They certainly have an eye for cuteness! I find them to be pretty chill and open OOC as well, and quite easy to discuss ideas with. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Riik

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