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Hey everyone! I'm back after a bit of a break from roleplaying and am excited to get back into it. I'm up for most plots, honestly. Just PM me with an idea or just to chat. I don't bite!

**Most of my characters are played anonymously, so the ones listed below aren't all I have!**

Update: Sorry I've been a little spotty with replies lately. Life's gotten pretty busy, but I'm slowly getting things sent out to you all. If you want, feel free to give me a little poke to move me along.

Feel free to message me anytime and we'll figure something out!


Rave Reviews

I'm happy for any chance I get to write with Spiteful. Her posts have the perfect balance of furthering the plot, character introspection, and those small, delicate interactions (glances, brief words, touches) that create such richness in the dynamic between two characters. Wonderful writer - Heimdall
Just started roleplaying with Spiteful a few days ago and they're amazing! Great person and very easy to work out a prompt. Their writing is phenomenal and if you have the chance, make sure to roleplay with them as it is sure to be an enjoyable experience! - Alright

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