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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: October 08


* Royanna belongs to Petrovalyc.

Lame introductions aside. I'm a huge fan of the X-files and Twin Peaks, but I've also watched my fair share of anime. I like mints, dogs and big cats, and I'm a firm believer that The Truth Is Out There. I also live in that one time zone that barely anyone else on this site inhabits.

I slowly get attached to people the more I roleplay with them. But I'm not a creep! I just get super chatty once you're in my narrow comfort zone.

Regarding my art...

Space Börk by Mori. It will suck you into a black hole and nibble your atoms if you steal my art.
Any art I upload for either of my characters is exclusively made by myself, for myself. My username on RPR used to be "Cinders" until recently, so if you see any art floating around with that name attached to it, I've made it!

I have a Deviant art as well, though I only upload stuff occasionally.

Clicky clicky

As far as my roleplaying goes...

I'm currently not available for new roleplays, unless I approach you for some fantastic plot or fantastic character you've got. My quota is filled for now, but please message me anyway <3 I love OOC banter and smalltalk.

I only roleplay here on RPR. Not on skype, via mail, Discord or anywhere else. Third-person view, past tense. OOC and IC you have to be +18 for me to even consider starting a roleplay with you. (with a few exceptions of friends I've already made.)

My replies range between three to five paragraphs on average, but I'f I'm really feeling it I can push myself. Hopefully we'll just fall into a comfortable pace that suits us both! As for my characters; I have more anons than public ones, so if neither of the ones to your right here interest you, I still might have something that cater to your interests. I mostly dabble in sci-fi with adventure and action, as well as modern with supernatural themes, but my muses are also drawn towards more adult themes. That includes more than just smut.

While I sometimes come off as difficult or insensitive with things because I'm straightforward, I'd like to think I'm also a super chill person. We can work things out. Roleplay is about communication, compromising and having fun. Adequate communication is absolutely vital, and if you bring OOC drama and bullshit onto the table, or flake on me more than twice, I will blacklist you.

If you've messaged me IC or OOC and I don't respond for no given reason

Then do poke me! I never ditch or leave people hanging for no legit reason. It's likely that I've forgotten to reply, or that I'm busy. I'm the biggest scatterbrain.

Rave Reviews

  • From the time I've met her on official chat, I can say she's pretty great and respectful person. MERRY CHRISTMAS SPOOK <3
    -- RimCaster
  • Spook is amazing! It's been a while since we've RPed, and I shouldn't let that stop me! Her characters are so wonderful, aaa, I love the one we RPed with! She's really funny and nice, and super understanding, and totally lets you know whats up on the down low. You gotta give her a chance!
    -- Kamui

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