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I like best an even mix of action/social play, and am open to romance, however I much prefer slow burn romance over love at first sight. Smut is...not completely off the table, but very heavily dependent on circumstance. Quick flings are likely a no, but with enough development anything can happen.

I typically average 3-5 paragraphs per post, though as few as 2 and up to 7-8 are possible depending upon the density of action at the time. All my writing is in third person, and while the same is not required per se, I am most comfortable working with it. Replies will typically be 1-2 times per week, depending upon my work schedule and/or level of inspiration at the time.

If you have further questions, feel free to either pm me or reply here. I am open to both group and 1x1 RPs.

I'm also a pretty friendly guy, and I'm always up to talk to someone if you'd like.

A few hobbies include: Gaming (primarily RPGs and action/adventure games, though I dabble in a bit of everything), Novels (mostly high fantasy, the occasional sci-fi), Anime, and thaaaaaaaat's about it.

Finally, if whilst floating around in the profile here you happen to have a question or bit of criticism, please, leave me a message or comment of some kind.

Rave Reviews

Vahn (played by Spy)
Vahn is a very unique and wonderful character! This character has a bit of an accent that can take some getting use to, but overall makes for an interesting RP. I am glad this character is good pals with my Bandit! - Mellute
I feel very happy that I have found RPR and a role player such as Spy.

Talented at creative unique, captivating characters and also keeping the role play interesting, Spy never lets the role play go stale, yet the situations never feel forced.

What's more, he is very patient, interesting and pleasant to interact outside of the role play. I never have to feel like immature, inexperienced and bad role player with Spy and for me, that is a lot!

Kudos to you, Spy, thank you for playing with me! - Sadrain

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