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Welp. I'm...Eh...Me. As vague as I know that is, it's about the best I can give, other than saying that I'm not a volunteer; however, if you care enough to take the time and ask, I can guarantee I'll care enough to take the time and answer.

I'm also extremely nice (Perhaps too much so on occasion), and I'm always up to talk to someone.

Finally, if while floating around in the profile here you happen to have a question or bit of criticism, please, leave me a message or comment of some kind.

Rave Reviews

Vahn (played by Spy)
Vahn is a very unique and wonderful character! This character has a bit of an accent that can take some getting use to, but overall makes for an interesting RP. I am glad this character is good pals with my Bandit! - Mellute
Hisaru (played by Spy)
Interesting, absolutely gorgeously developed character that always keeps both the player and other characters on their toes in most fascinating ways - I am always curious for the next reply (which are wonderfully written)! And, well, who can resist a man with such a smile? <3 - Sadrain

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