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Hi,I'm new to this site
I will tell you a bit about me
I'm sucker for MxM role plays(nothing sexual ok)
I love 90's cartoons
*eats chocolate*
I love Christmas and today is my birthday (yay :) )
Rules to my role plays
-I am a minor,so no smut
-I may cuss,but very rarely(I don't say the f word or the n word)
-no godmoding
-be patient with me,I'm only available on weekends,sorry
-no spamming
-also,be kind,I can't stand bully's
-I am being careful to whom I'm talking to

-I don't bite,so shoot me a message

I hope I make tons of friends and have loads of fun

Rave Reviews

Star is pretty cool. She knows how to make me smile when I open up our pm. Star and I were doing a roleplay and the way she played the character just astounded me. Keep working hard, girl! - NeonGreenHair17
This girl is amazing. She has awsome Roleplay ideas and makes a great friend. She's so kind and sweet and funny that it makes me smile and laugh every time she answers - Starwarsfan

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