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  • Gender: Female

I don't have much to say lol any-who I shall show you my favorite Fnaf things Because I am. I am learning how to be a unicorn because adulting is hard lol XD.
i love Spiderman into the spider verse best movie ever!!!!! if you haven't seen spiderman into the spiderverse i totally recommend it i also love Greatest Showman also i love star wars especially the really old ones. if you don't know which ones im talking about im talking about.
1. New hope
2. Empire Strikes back
3. Return of the jedi
i have taken the starters quiz and i am a jedi knight and im and also R2d2 lol
the things i will roleplay are:
any superhero ones
fnaf ( five nights at freddies)
i will not do inappropriate ones i am sorry but thats just not my style if you want to do that go find someone else. and if i ignore you its most likely for these reasons: your annoying, your going to far, i have to many friends, or I'm just tired of you sorry but its true. Also i only do short responses and if i don't answer back its because i have taken a break for the day or i am offline. the videos down below are my favorite youtube videos and no i did not make them. also i do have creepy pasta characters i have not claimed them my idea they are whoever made up creepy pasta. I am saying this because a boy who I'm not going to mention claimed i was plagiarizing so just FYI if you want to complain about it don't complain to me thank-you for taking your time to read this :)


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  • I know I’ve given her kudos before but more the merrier!shes an awesome RPer I highly highly suggest you rp with her!*pulls out a sandwich*starwarsfan is the best!the reason I’m saying she’s the best cause Her characters are just so cool and bursting with...
    -- Seasongriffen
  • this girl here is a great role player,she is full of creativity and i highly recommend role playing with her when any of you get the chance :)
    -- JetStorm

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