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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: January 04

I don't have much to say lol anywho I shall show you my favorite Fnaf things BecuAse I am a huge Fnaf fan and I'm also a huge Undertale fan I also love Spiderman into the spider verse best movie ever!!!!!


Rave Reviews

  • She’s a really great person to roleplay with although I haven’t responded yet which I apologize for I recommend roleplaying with her because she’s just amazing
    -- LarryBandzIV
  • Starwarsfan is a great roleplayer. Its like she can tell when the rp needs spicing up and there she is, dropping a bomb of greatness into my inbox. Rp with her, and you'll never waste a minute. She is caring and sweet. I am lucky to rp with her.
    -- NeonGreenHair17

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