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joined October 21st 2018, 6:37pm

INFJ | Capricorn | Single & Sad


a little more about me...
  • I'm studying art mainly in school.
  • I have an interest in tarot cards and am self-teaching myself how to read a deck!

HEY HEY HEY help me decide on a new username!! hey hey hey why dont you ask me a question?

means "nightmare" in Old English

lost sterinia


i is a real life kuudere
You have outer emotional control down to a T. People may view you as cynical and cold due to how well you control your inner thoughts. People also view you as responsible because of it. Your intentions are often never to harm others, and you are rather introverted. You're not invested in drama, and you love alone time. When you do express your emotions, they may come off as watered down. Your smile isn't super strong on the surface, and you're also not balling your eyes out when upset. Your positive and negative reactions may blend with one another (ex: mad and sad may look the same. Same with content and exitement).

Only people close to you will see the softer nature that's inside, while untrusted strangers will see the colder expressions. You're one of those people who look mean from afar, but once you get to know them, they're quite fun to be around.

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An incredibly resilient individual who is never less than a delight to speak with. While I havent had the opportunity to write with them, I have read their work and their writing is phenomenal. Supportive, creative, artistic, all over a powerful individual to have on your side. If you don't know static yet, you're simply missing out on one of the universes best creations. - Voldarian_Empire
Static is someone who has continued to greatly impress me throughout the time I have known them. Time and again I've witnessed their resilience in the face of life's obstacles and the way they've handled them was nothing short of champion level victory. They are kind and accepting of any form of existence on top of this which makes them an excellent role model on RPR. Having seen several examples of their writing too has left me further impressed at their ability to intertwine words into story. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Voldarian_Empire

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