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14 Years Old
Gender Fluid

TODAY I am feeling:

SO PLEASE address me as:


"Shut up.
Count your calories.
I'll never look good
In mom jeans."

"I was born
in a messed up century.
My daddy put
A gun to my head
Said "If you kiss a girl
Im gonna shoot you
Dead ."

"Drop a toaster in the bath
Watch my mom and dad
Watch a thousand volts
Go through the girl
The wished they
Never had."

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Sarah Neel

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Rave Reviews

  • She is the official Smol of rpr and frankly above that, a great friend and a fun rper. I have only seen one of her characters but I look forward to what is in store for the rest of our story!
    -- Dharlas
  • I really admire Static's cheerfulness and creativity! They're always working on something creative and are a joy to talk to in the chat. :) If you get to know them I'm sure they'll become your friend in no time and share their creations with you.
    -- Sanne

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