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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 13
  • Birthday: January 13

This page is being revamped.

Currently on a semi-hiatus. Replies will be painfully slow.

Being apart of this community has inspired me to do many things, and reach out of my comfort zone. To commemorate this wonderful site within the Internet, I have decided I'm going to dedicate my time in creating a memorable story (maybe book) about the place in which has mended and healed many lives and inspired many minds, both young and old. However, I am unable to do this without the community's help! So check out this thread on the story idea and information to help me out in creating this wonderful story!

District 13 Informatiom
Looking for a group filled with excitement, adventure, romance and much, much more? Consider District 13! However please keep in mind that this group is a heavy work in progress and is no where near complete. If you'd like to help, simply shoot me a PM! You could also help me out by taking a look at this thread. If you're super generous, maybe you could also donate extra pages? If not that's totally understandable. Thank you anyway!


"I am damaged,
Far too damaged,
But you're not beyond repair.
Stick around here,
Make things...
Cause you beat me fair and square."

~JD - Heathers - I am Damaged.


"I imagine death so much,
It feels more like a memory.
When's it gonna get me?
In my sleep,
Seven feet ahead of me?
If I see it coming,
Do I run or do I let it be?
Is it like a beat without a melody?"

~Alexander Hamilton - Hamilton - My Shot


Hiya! So somehow out of some pure luck, you've stumbled upon my small existence on this site. Whatever the case, welcome to my poophole of a page!

I am a scout and an army cadet, and I just finished Gangshow 2018, the 71st show! O.o!
I have been role playing for years and I really enjoy many types of plots, though I mostly try to go for an immersive, fluffy romance type of RP.

Rave Reviews

  • I love how she rps with me, one of my characters and her's have a strong connection to each other.
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior
  • She is such a great person.I am new to Roleplaying and She is patient with me trying new things.She has made my First roleplay here Very enjoyable.She also has a creative mind, steering the story when I hit Roadblocks in my Story.
    -- AkhriHrsh

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