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  • Gender: Gender Fluid
  • Age: 14
  • Birthday: January 13

A bindrune made by Yersinia for me, to help me with my breakup and all the bad habits that have followed me after. It is supposed to help my sleeping patterns improve as well as keep me eating properly. Which has been a problem recently.
About the Bindrune

Berkano is considered the most powerful healing rune, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I made it the base of your bindrune. It's sometimes visualized as a forest glade or a seed to indicate internal growth and renewal. It's said to be especially strong when paired with Laguz, which is another healing rune associated with vitality and dreams (ie; restful sleep for me). Together they promote a safe and peaceful environment.

Nauthiz represents self-reliance and overcoming turmoil through determination. Mettle and grit. I think it's a good symbol to add to a bindrune when life's knocked you down.

In Norse mythology, Tyr is the god of justice, and Tiwaz is his rune. Likewise, it represents fairness, honour, and rationality. Sometimes we blame ourselves for bad things happening and become self-destructive; in theory Tiwaz could help curb these behaviors.

I'm sorry.
I miss you...

I don't know what I did, and I don't know how to fix it. I tried and I couldn't keep it up. Keep the things you set in place. I failed and I'm sorry. I miss you. I miss you so god damn much and I wish you'd let me explain. I'm sorry if you're mad at me. Or if you don't love me anymore. I'm sorry...

I'm so tired of love songs,
Tired of love songs,
Tired of love songs,
Tired of love.
Just wanna go home,
Wanna go home,
Wanna go home,


sads.pngThis is NB (en-bee). They don't have a gender, nor an age. I don't entirely know what they're supposed to be, but that adds to the mystery, right?

Different images

Different images lead to different emotions.
I'm not okay.

Rave Reviews

  • Stactic is great.She(or he)is nice and she’s got a boyfriend(I ship it)her background stuff may look dark and creepy but i think it’s quite and calm
    -- Seasongriffen
  • Amazing person and the best girlfriend I ever had she’s everything anyone could ever want <3
    -- Solitaire

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