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feel free to send me a message anonymously...

in nature, a flock of birds will attack any bird that is more colorful than the others because being different is seen as a threat…
m e

even though we are not birds, this type of nature is one i see presented in humans as well. due to this behaviour, i often tend to feel antisocial and unsafe when expressing my voice and opinions.

"you may be lost and insecure in your mind, but your petals as resilient as a rose coated in rain." - a dear friend, 2019.

please understand that due to some experiences on RPR that i have had, 99% of the time i feel uncomfortable and unsafe to express my opinions on certain things publicly. i may not respond at all, or i may pm you with opinions if you want them. if i do respond to a controversial topic publicly, it is because i have personally felt hurt by some contents of any of the posts, whether they be the OP or a respondant. thank you.

i am sad to say this now has also extended to...reducing my time on the website at all. my communications will be through PMs only from now on, and maybe the occasional forum game.

lost sterinia | art

Rave Reviews

  • An incredibly resilient individual who is never less than a delight to speak with. While I havent had the opportunity to write with them, I have read their work and their writing is phenomenal. Supportive, creative, artistic, all over a powerful individual to have on...
    -- Voldarian_Empire
  • Aight. I've known Stats for at least a month now and she is one of my best friends and we have already bonded so much. I love him so much and he is always so willing to talk with you and make memories. He's helped me with so much and has done so much for me I don't...
    -- _Ashir-Penny_

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