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the likelihood of me responding to anyone at the minute is low. just haven't been feeling it recently. having a lot of health issues and anxiety about going back to school definitely isn't helping either. i'll get back to sending responses as soon as i feel able c:

Help stop public transphobia (from law enforcement) in Malaysia?

I recently got into cosplay!
I am yellowthorns on Quotev
I am yellow thorns on YouTube. there's nothing actually there, but I might post cosplay videos soon enough. we'll see


if you fight fire with fire, the world goes up in flames
I guess I'll just sit here, and watch the world burn Call me whatever pronouns you like. i am no longer disclosing my gender identity to anyone new (unless i have 300% trust in them), so i do not mind what you call me. you don't have to be consistent, just use whatever suits you best
ty <3

guess who's getting back into RP?
More Info
RP Spots are currently: OPEN.
I can be a very picky RPer, so please don't take it personally if I decline your offer for RP. It's nothing personal, I may just not be in the mood on that day. That said, please do not keep pestering me about RPing (unless its a completely different RP plot) because that could end in me blocking uou for a period of time.

All because I'm active around the site and not responding to you doesn't mean I'm ghosting you. Unless I have 100% inspiration so I can offer my best responses, I won't respond to my RPs. I hover around the site and work on characters to pass time and hopefully draw my motivation back.

prince nightie | oli
joined October 21st 2018, 6:37pm
INFJ | Capricorn

I can come off as really shy at first, but if you manage to form a friendship I radiate massive amounts of chaotic energy. I can be clingy (although I try not to be) but I'm also extremely aware of other people's feelings and comfort levels. If I feel like I'm bothering someone I tend to distance myself and stop responding as frequently, so if that happens I'm really sorry :c

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She is such a great person.I am new to Roleplaying and She is patient with me trying new things.She has made my First roleplay here Very enjoyable.She also has a creative mind, steering the story when I hit Roadblocks in my Story. - AkhriHrsh
I'm continuously impressed with StaticNightmares's resilience and kindness! When life throws them curve balls, they manage to stay true to themselves and reach out to share with loved ones -- that requires strength and perseverance, and shows a strong ability to grow and adapt. I think that's truly admirable! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Sanne

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