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Please dont talk to me.

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"I'm so tired of pretending."


100 Days
Static | 14-years-old | 13/01 | Gender Fluid

hi! I go by Static, but you're free to call me whatever. :> I've become known as The Smol Bean of RPR by pretty much everyone I know, due to being the youngest in my RPR-Friend circle, and one of the most innocent there as well. I have recently lost my knack for RP but am slowly getting myself back into things, so feel free to hit me up!

Now I feel this overwhelming pain.
I mean it's in my veins
I mean it's in my brain...

"I wan't what I deserve,
I want to rule the world,
Sit back and watch them learn,
It's finally my turn...."

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  • Aight. I've known Stats for at least a month now and she is one of my best friends and we have already bonded so much. I love him so much and he is always so willing to talk with you and make memories. He's helped me with so much and has done so much for me I don't...
    -- _Ashir-Penny_
  • The fact that we have more than 10k+ messages both combined from IC and OOC shows how much time we've had each other's backs in the most needful times. Wether they were tough times, sad times, or even times where neither of us could talk to each other... We always...
    -- JustAPlayer

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