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qmy2892.png Hey y'all it's really nice of you to stop by my RPR and want to check out my characters! Before diving into my characters I'll give you a quick description about myself. qmy2892.png


I'm a casual roleplayer, I don't role play my characters as often as I should but when I do I like to make the role plays fun and entertaining. I'll roleplay pretty much anything such as; adventure, romance, horror, or even silly stuff.

I've been a member of the furcadia community for the last 12 years but I haven't had a single main character in the last five years; I tend to rotate between whatever fandom or alt I decide to pick for that day. The declining atmosphere in furc hasn't really helped in me selecting a main, either. My previous main alts include Willow Brook, Stephie, and Crisis.

Other then roleplaying on furc I enjoy a bunch of other things too. I draw and craft from time to time, cosplay, play video games, get very involved in fandoms such as Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, FNAF, Pokemon, Disney, horse things, and cats various other games.

My downfalls can be that I'm shy, forgetful, and sometimes flighty. If I don't talk to you it's not because I'm trying to be disrespectful, I'm just a crazy introverted cat lady. But yeah, my forgetfulness can become a real problem. I'll come home after work and forget I have three roleplays going on and then I wait far too long to reply; it's a very bad trait.

tiny_fox_bullet_by_wikiwi-d8x5r4w.png Here are a few shorter timbits about me, the player! tiny_fox_bullet_by_wikiwi-d8x5r4w.png

pixel_cake_bullet_by_crystal_moore-d7smwjv.gif My name is Stephanie and I'm from Ontario, Canada.
pixel_cake_bullet_by_crystal_moore-d7smwjv.gif My characters are a range from original characters to canon.
pixel_cake_bullet_by_crystal_moore-d7smwjv.gif I enjoy scary things and cute things! Sometimes scary cute things!
pixel_cake_bullet_by_crystal_moore-d7smwjv.gif I'm a collector of sorts, right now I'm collecting toys from Amuse and anime girl figurines (I don't even know why..)
pixel_cake_bullet_by_crystal_moore-d7smwjv.gif I have purple hair irl.
pixel_cake_bullet_by_crystal_moore-d7smwjv.gif My work schedule is all over the place so if it takes me a while to reply, I apologize!

I do believe that's it, now that I've talked your ear off. #SF Please find below my list of contacts! If you wish to get a hold of me just shoot me a PM. #SO madoka_kaname_bullet_by_explodifirer-d7402i0.gif


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Of all the friendships I have come across throughout my wide array of role-playing adventures, Stephie has, by far, been one of my longest running partners in crime. With quirky characters and an amicable demeanor, she is an absolute delight to be around, and I certainly hope we'll continue on these wild escapades for many more years. A comrade in arms when it comes to playing canon characters, she's got her fingers in quite a few fandom-pies, and has a very eclectic set of talents to boot. - Atheist

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