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Hi there,

The names Stevie and welcome to my info page! I'll make it a brief description since it is not much to remember

- I may not answer right away, my phone does not let me know when I have messages as soon as I get them

That's about as much that I can think of that's important. Thanks for reading!

Rave Reviews

This friend of mine has done so much AMAZING artwork for me and I can definitely say that I love it all. And to say that our roleplays together are fun would be quite an understatement. 15/10, great artist and amazing roleplayer. - TheNightmareSavage
As one of the students at my personal little school, she's been an amazing student. Outside of that, she's an amazing artist who always brings her best for any character she does. Not only that, but she has a lot of amazing characters that I've had the pleasure of being introduced to. Feel free to talk to Stevie if you're ever in need of anything! Creative ideas Long-term partner - TheNightmareSavage

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