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Hi there,

The names Stevie and welcome to my info page! I'll make it a brief description since it is not much to remember

- I may not answer right away, my phone does not let me know when I have messages as soon as I get them

That's about as much that I can think of that's important. Thanks for reading!

Rave Reviews

This friend of mine has done so much AMAZING artwork for me and I can definitely say that I love it all. And to say that our roleplays together are fun would be quite an understatement. 15/10, great artist and amazing roleplayer. - TheNightmareSavage
I can definitely say she's a sweetheart. I love how patient and open she is to new ideas. Her plot twist tends to keep me wondering what else she has up her sleeve. She is a beautiful person all the way around! And very easy to get along with. She brings the smiles so I'm bringing the kudos! Here's to you! <3 - KingTai

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