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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: September 21

Rper's I highly recommend!
[list=1.] PenGryphon2007 [/list]
[list=2.] berserker544 [/list]
[list=3.] CelestinaGrey [/list]
[list=4.] Into-The-Unknown [/list]
[list=5.] Olthain [/list]
[list=6.] Prince-Dono [/list]
Out of all these Rper's though, there is one in particular who i have done many with and he is a very epic rper! *drumroll* This rper is....DontBeTrippin! I have done at least four or five with him and i highly recommend him! Very detailed and amazing characters, he has!

All of my characters have a part of my personality in them at all times. Im sorry if things get messed up in the rp at some point. I dont mean to but sometimes i'll forget a character in my rp and forget to include them but i promise you that i try my hardest to make up for it when i can. If you ever have any problems with my rp just let me know and we can talk about it. I like pming people and getting to know them. There are lots of great people on here such as; Missundeadkisses, Berserker544, Pengryphon2007, EonRising, Chaosthemeow, Cookielurv, KuroSakuranbo14, and Wolfkill11!!XD Oh and definitly DontBeTrippin, Into-The-Unknown, fallensiner, CelestinaGrey!!(sorry guys if i spelled your usename wrong) You've gotta rp with these people!! Do it:D
Im nice and cool, get to know me if you want. Im absolutely in love with Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. Im not a screaming fan girl though. I love anime and music. Rock and country are my favorite. My favorite rock band is RED and my second favorite is Breaking Benjamin. My name is Morgan and i love rping so never be afraid to ask! :D Oh and if im doing a rp with you and i dont reply for a day or two, DO NOT worry! I havent given up! I just either have too many going on and i forget at the time or im trying to come up with some exciting new details! XD
Ask if you have any questions.

Rave Reviews

  • she is amazing at everthing she does and she really loves everything she does she is an awsome friend and i hope we will be friends for a long time cus she is just amazing in general
    -- mojo
  • I can not begin to describe how happy I am that I replied to StillDoll's latest Forum topic! It's turning out great, and Playing out a story with her really is amazingly fun! I'm really glad I met her!
    Props to you girl, keep it up!
    -- Freyya

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