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Hey there my pretty page creeper!

I suppose you would like to get to know me, and honestly, who can blame you ;) So here it goes!

I am a seasoned (or moldy) role player, with a penchant for making music, and loafing on the couch. My favorite genre is Sci-fi or modern, but I'm growing a love for other genres slowly!

Mostly I prefer PM RP, or very small forum groups. Most of my characters are made modern, but can be molded into a variety of different time periods, so long as they remain mostly intact!

Please note, that the drawn pictures in my character's profiles are either my own art, or art that I've paid for, and would appreciate it if no one took it for their own! Thanks :)

Rave Reviews

Momochi (played by Strangedisease)
I'm a bit biased, since Momo was made for me, but honestly Momo is one of the cutest, sweetest characters I've ever seen - and she grows up to be a pretty badass girl! If you ever need a character who will defend Good from Evil in a fantasy RP, hook Momo up. - TheLily
SD is always willing to keep me company when I am on late hours of the night and she keeps me highly entertained with her vast amount of characters! If you're looking for someone who'll never leaving you hanging she's your girl <3 - TornBySanity

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