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About Me

Heyo, decided I'd finally touch this up so it isn't completely blank, though currently I don't have a lot to say. What will say is, my inbox is always open. If you wanna chat, have a question for me, or a concern, drop me a PM and when I log in I'll reply. It may take a bit if I am sleeping or otherwise occupied, but I promise I will not ignore any PM's sent my way.

That said, I will also state here and now, outside of a few select things, I will roleplay most things. Fantasy (both high and low), sci-fi (hard or soft), adventure, and romance (yes even the seedier sides of romance, assuming you are of age and you wish to do so), steampunk, or any other kind of 'punk,' superhero/villain, original worlds, and fandoms I understand the basics of. What I will not touch, however, is horror/explicit gore (describing in broad terms without getting explicit is ok). I don't have the stomach for it. There may be others in time, but for now, that is the only one I will explicitly tell you no on if you ask. If it is horror without explicit gore, pitch me the idea and I may like it enough to give it a try. I am the same about slice of life in a realistic setting--pitch me an idea and I might be intrigued enough to give it a try, but if it's too mundane without any way to spice it up now and then I probably just won't be interested.

Aside from RP'ing, I enjoy creating characters and worlds, watching movies, and of course...reading! I've not yet met an RP'er who hates reading, and I am certainly not one to buck that trend, hahah.

I will add more to this section as I think of it, or as people ask me questions that I feel the wider world deserves to hear the answer to. :)

About My Characters

I will frame this one in the form of a Q&A, I think.
  • Q: I noticed several of your characters have notable NPC's attached on their other pages. Are these NPC's open to be played as separate characters themselves?
    A: Absolutely! Be warned that most of them aren't as fleshed out as the main character they are attached to, for obvious reasons (aside from Samson's bodyguard, Alex). I am, however, more than willing to explore them in environments/RP's separate from the main character whose names those pages bear the name of. They can exist in separate worlds for the sake of a story, worlds where their main character does not exist, or that main character can be off in some other place, referenced but never met.
    However, all these characters will always potentially exist in a world where their respective main character is the focus of my half of the RP.

*Have any questions about any of my main characters, any of their NPC's, or the worlds they are originally from? Questions you do not see here? Feel free to PM me or leave a review or guestbook entry, and I will be more than willing to add the answer here if I feel it brings up important information everyone should know. I will also answer in the manner asked, to be sure the answer is seen ^_^

Rave Reviews

He is a very sweet person, with a kind heart. We bonded very quickly, and he is very welcoming. He makes this website very enjoyable, with his hilarious and witty comments and remarks. He is just overall a good person to be around. - KaediLenn
Super amazingly friendly and warm and just overall a delightful person to talk with. Also exceptionally welcoming to new people. I must say that they have such a creative mind with so many great ideas! :) - MissPixie

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