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Reference based of IRL me, Some what..

Non-tail Ref:

Name: Sue

Nickname/Alias: Sueboo, Sue-butt, Sugar-butt.

Species: Meerkat-Red panda Hybrid mix.

Gender: Female

D.O.B: November 16th ????

Marital Status: ???

Body: Thick curvy, Busty and round nice shaped ass. BBW

Eyes: Dark Brown, Almond shape with black pupils, Black flirty eye-lashes.

Hair: Dark brown hair to shoulders-down, Wavey/curly at ends.

Markings: Mixed markings from Meerkat-Red panda.

Collar: Actual drawn: -She has a collar, red leather and white pearls around collar, gold heart tag as shown with Sue engraved on it. Pearls: Collar: Gold heart tag: with yellow round bell.

Height: 5'foot 7"inches. or 5'foot 9"inches.

Weight: 293

Likes: Oreos, Color Red, Lasagna, Drawing, Making new friends, Roleplaying, Videogames, Horror movies, Zombies.

Dis-likes: Drama, Liars, Snobs/Aholes, Cheaters/Heartbreakers.

Personality: Shy, Funny, Quiet, Flirty, Hyperactive, Cuddley and loving.

Severe Health Issues: Depression, Bi-polar.

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