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PFP: Solaire (Dark Souls)
all images/gifs on my profile are Solaire (Dark Souls)!
hey, you can call me Sun, Sunbro, or The Abysswalker!
praise the sun!
i know there's not much on here, so if you wanna know anything about me, just ask!

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It has only been a while but I love RP with them! I always look forward to their response, they drive the plot forward and and such great details. Kudos! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ShadowFlame2022
I have never roleplayed with him, but he is so nice! I love having conversations with him because of how kind and patient he is with me. When I haven’t had time to reply, he completely understands! Plus, he has an amazing sense of humor! I am actually laughing at the majority of our conversations because of how funny they are :) I wish I could be on more to talk to them, but I sadly don’t have the time. Love you, dude <3 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - ALTY_Heave

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