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  • Gamer
  • Sometimes gets overwhelmed with RL
  • My hours are insane. I have a 7-5pm job Mon-Fri. Sometimes I am not up for roleplaying during these evenings. Sometimes I am, though! But I'm always willing to chat!!
  • I am whisper friendly. I'm painfully shy though. Seriously, whisper away-- I'm just awkward to do first :c
  • I am married and not interested.
  • I am above the age of 25. I expect you to be at least 18.
    Main Contact Character:
    Oh yeah, I knit.

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You ever get one of those friends that despite what is going on in their own world they try their hardest to make sure everyone else is happy? That's this lady right here. The biggest sweetheart i've ever had the pleasure of coming across, someone with good morals and the most wicked sense of humor. And in fairness words would never do her justice, she's an amazing mum, friend, teacher. A ray of sunshine who deserves all your love and adoration, someone who i'd be lost without ♡♡ - BobbinK
If you ever need your day brightened, if you're looking for some enchanting roleplay, or if you just need a friend, Sunbae is a one-of-a-kind person capable of fulfilling whatever it is you seek! She is kind, supportive, and above all else, a phenomenal writer with an unmatched creativity. I am glad to call her my friend! - Keke

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