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  • Gamer
  • Sometimes gets overwhelmed with RL
  • My hours are insane. I have a 7-5pm job Mon-Fri. Sometimes I am not up for roleplaying during these evenings. Sometimes I am, though! But I'm always willing to chat!!
  • I am whisper friendly. I'm painfully shy though. Seriously, whisper away-- I'm just awkward to do first :c
  • I am married and not interested.
  • I am above the age of 25. I expect you to be at least 18.
    Main Contact Character:
    Oh yeah, I knit.

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Sundae is my favorite person on the internet. Fo reals. She has the best characters and the fabulous writing talents to bring them to life. If you don't get to rp with her you are missing out. She's my soda, my best friend forever and I will always cherish our bond. If you ever need me I'm there like you would for me. This girl is a rare treasure amidst garbage. Don't let her go if you're luck enough to get her attention. - oldmusic
And through the dirt and mud I have found such a large nugget of gold. She is the ultimate understanding me. And so amazingly endearing and patient with me. A bit more rough around the edges unlike Blytz, but when you worm your way through those barriers, she's quite friendly and loving! The roleplays are wonderous and I wish I honestly had more of them! Her characters are uniquely designed and yet realistically fashioned. I love it. And I love this woman! As a sister...of course. - Michonne

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