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hello, i'm sunflower! i'm a student but when i'm not studying, i spend my time crocheting, taking care of my pets and watching tv shows - and here, of course.

rp info
communication is key. real life happens so I don't expect a reply every day but please let me know if you won't reply for a while!
don't ghost me or ignore me; i've had enough of it for a whole lifetime
tell me if any subjects make you uncomfortable and we'll avoid them <3
please keep me out of OOC drama, i prefer to keep it IC ;)

Rave Reviews

Sunflower is my first experience with RP directly from the RPR community and I must say I am more than happy to have made that leap! She is fun, creative and her character jumps out in each and every post and interaction. She is also incredibly patient because I am not the type that can reply every day or even every other day! That sort of characteristic is honestly hard to come by and makes for a wonderful partner beyond the Roleplay itself. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Caitlin
Sunflower is an absolute delight to speak with and write with. While we had a rough time getting an RP together and finding characters that would click, by Jove I think we've gotten it! I look forward to every post I get from Sunny and enjoy prattling back and fourth about our characters and their future. You won't regret an RP or friendship <3 Creative ideas Fast responses - MercyInReach

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  • sorrowburn gave Sunflower kudos:
    Over the last couple or so months, I’ve had such a joy writing with sunflower! :) they are great to chat with oocly, and I always find myself excited to reply! Their characters have so much depth and their ability to world build makes the story/plot feel so real. I’d totally recommend writing with them. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    (About 5 days 13 hours ago)
  • Sunflower befriended sorrowburn(About 6 days 23 hours ago)