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I'm Sun, a 21 year old who's been roleplaying on and off for several years and it's been my longest hobby after drawing. The kind of writing I love best explores their characters deeply, and tend to be intense, colourful prose; the type of shows, anime or games that become my favourites often have a very strong art direction and/or deal with strange, tragic and painful themes.

Currently: hiatus (coaxing my muse with promises of that warm fuzzy feeling when you read a good piece of writing)(breaking my hands over SEKIROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)


My RP preferences
✓ Multi-paragraphs (2+, preferably more)
✓ Short or long-term
✓ RP through PMs
✓ 1x1
✓ Third person

✓ Medieval to modern times
✓ Most kinds of fantasy
✓ Slice-of-life
✓ Horror
✓ Essentially most things, but I'm inexperienced with sci-fi (space operas, things like Star Wars)

I am also open to:

♢ Fandom/canon characters and settings (I don't have many fan characters myself but I don't mind meeting some)
♢ Using photo face claims. Note that my characters will usually use artwork; some will face claim existing characters because I haven't gotten round to drawing them. If 2D art bothers you, I may find pictures of models to substitute.

I've set all of my characters to anonymous for personal reasons, sorry, I just get shy. You'll likely meet me through one of their profiles after I get to know you through RP after some time. I can provide writing samples if requested.

I try to reply every few days, or every day if an RP really catches my attention. If I'm gone for a while it's usually because I'm too busy or tired, and I'd rather make a quality post than post something riddled with mistakes. If I seem to be absent for too long, give me a shout.

For anything else, ask me to clarify. I only roleplay through RPR No, I will not get Discord due to privacy reasons.

Active games: - (6 on hold)

Let’s say my muse is a heavy sleeper.

Always tweaking this section :P


He says,
“Intuition is awakening suspicion.”
He says,
“My tradition is the art of superstition.”

SunnyD's Characters

SunnyD either has no characters, or has made all their characters anonymous. Mysterious!

Rave Reviews

  • What can I say? Sunny is incredibly fun to roleplay with and from what I see, has a wonderful sense of humor as well. Great writing, there is always enough details in their writing to react to and I always look forward to their reply. A really cool and interesting character that is Oscar as well ;)
    -- Birdy99

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