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I'm Sun, a twenty-something who's been roleplaying on and off for several years and it's been my longest hobby after drawing. The kind of writing I love best explores their characters deeply, and tend to have intense, colourful prose; the type of shows, anime or games that become my favourites often have a very strong art direction and/or deal with strange and tragic themes.

Currently: active? (returning from hiatus, LF and accepting RP) 08/22/2019


My RP preferences
✓ Multi-paragraphs (2+, preferably more)
✓ Short or long-term
✓ RP through PMs
✓ 1x1
✓ Third person

✓ Medieval to modern times
✓ Most kinds of fantasy
✓ Slice-of-life
✓ Horror
✓ Essentially most things, but I'm inexperienced with sci-fi (space operas, things like Star Wars) and I've never done "historical" (sounds like it refers to roughly Victorian era shenanigans and not a lot of people actually care about historical accuracy lmao)

✓ OOC chatter - lets b fren

  • Recurring friends/allies - it would be nice to make some history with other people's characters as we keep crossing paths over time (read: over a series of short term encounters); mine tend to be homeless travellers and it kinda suits my life situation as I can't be on 24/7 to do long term RP all the time.
  • Emotional scenes (with all the build up that comes with it!)
  • Finding out about all the interesting backstory ICly
  • things that make me go like
I am also open to:

♢ Fandom/canon characters and settings (I don't have many fan characters myself but I don't mind meeting some)
♢ Using photo face claims. Note that my characters will usually use artwork; some will face claim existing characters because I haven't gotten round to drawing them. If 2D art bothers you, I may find pictures of models to substitute.

More about me
I am a massive weeb and take me back to the internet in 2008-2012, bruh talk to me about leekspin and bonzi buddy /jk
For real, I could go on for a very long time about what anime/manga I like.
Also I <3 the Dark Souls world, put that shit in my breakfast lunch and dinner, but I only play is the third game so I guess all I eat is eat embers. I'm a gamer but I only play a few, just Skyrim, my beloved DS3 and Hollow Knight. I have Portal 2 and L4D2 too but need people to co-op with.

I love a range of music and bands but let's condense it down to: classical, lo-fi, metal and more weeby Vocaloid/UTAU stuff. Basically I can name you the composers, animators, and other artists who worked on the things I like because it's interesting trivia and good to know when finding the source of something.

Besides pop culture stuff, I really like reading about chemistry because I work with certain chemicals in my other hobbies. Physics is mindblowing too but there's too much math involved and too much entropy gives Sunny an existential crisis T_T I might as well mention biology too, I'm morbid and genetic diseases/prions are my jam 👌👌👌

Despite all this I can't really say I'm a bookworm because I never read any books... "what's your favourite author" uhhhhh

I've set all of my characters to anonymous for personal reasons, sorry, I just get shy. You'll likely meet me through one of their profiles after I get to know you through RP after some time. I can provide writing samples if requested.

I try to reply every few days, or every day if an RP really catches my attention and if I have no other commitments. If I'm gone for a while it's usually due to work or mental health, and I'd rather make a quality post than something riddled with mistakes. If I seem to be absent for too long, give me a shout.

For anything else, ask me to clarify. I only roleplay through RPR No, I don't use Discord, it’s actually really bad for privacy.

Active games: -

Let’s say my muse is a heavy sleeper.



The ruthless light destroys everything
This body, these flowers are burning
Goodbye, I shall sleep here now
And go towards the stars where you are waiting

The moon darkens, the sun rises
The twin flowers you gave me
have already withered
"That's fine", you sadly say
花の持つ心は孤独のそれは -- ...
The meaning of these flowers is loneliness
because they are --...

Rave Reviews

  • What can I say? Sunny is incredibly fun to roleplay with and from what I see, has a wonderful sense of humor as well. Great writing, there is always enough details in their writing to react to and I always look forward to their reply. A really cool and interesting character that is Oscar as well ;)
    -- Birdy99

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