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I am Alina, previously known as Hayden. I am a very emotion driven person, and I am sad a lot being a mental health combatant. For decades I thought nothing good would ever happen to me. I was convinced. Then one day, out of the blue amidst a worldwide pandemic, the best thing happened to me: I married my best friend! We are now the parents of three felines (two void twins and a tabby) and a black poodle with a manbun, and are looking onward to the future. We just migrated from west coast to back east, and are looking to purchase our first home!

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Little Bit About Me: I am a working woman in her thirties with a passion for equal rights, and when I am not loudly advocating Eating The Rich I am most probably either working, roleplaying, scrolling through TikTok, sleeping, or making/streaming art. (Speaking of art, that fantastic bust of me with my kitties? That's by Rollie! She's amazing, check her out!)
(Also, you like that rad ass icon I have? That was by Allu who is also amazing, and deserves your attention!)

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Some of My Hobbies & Interests Include...
Roleplay | Crochet | Art | Coffee | Sweets | True Crime | Napping | Reading | Cute Animals | Creepy Crawly Specimens | Collecting Blown-Glass Critters | Collecting Yarn | Collecting Golems! & Endless TikTok Scrolling (seriously, it's a problem.)

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Important Note: I work for a physician's group. As you can imagine that makes me very busy in the age of Unprecedented Events! Between this and my ever-raging ADHD, there are going to be times where I appear spotty or unreliable for plans. Or, at least much quieter than the excited, rambling me that you've probably gotten used to. Rest assured that I have not forgotten you, blown you off, or gotten mad! I may just be overwhelmed or experiencing post-hyperfocus burnout/anxiety. Your patience and your friendship is forever appreciated.

✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

A REMINDER: Unclench your jaw! Drink some water! Stretch!

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Lord, I could say sooo many things about this lady here. But, I will sum it up the best I can! This girl my polar opposite, like the moon to my sun! She is a true gem and a diamond amongst rocks. She is an amazing gifted role player and a friend till the end! Role play with her now, do it!!!! - Beastie
To this day I cannot believe that I met such a wonderful friend. Everyone has their issues, but together we seem to overcome it. She's a top-notch gal and very organic in everything she does. No one has it easy, and this chick definitely hasn't. A little nervous, a little shy, but very, very kind. One of the more casual roleplay partners that I know, she doesn't need or want to rush posts and I appreciate that immensely. Topaz is a forever friend. - barkeyst

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