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I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad. I got sunshine in a bag. I'm useless, but not for long, the future is coming on.

Hiya! I’m Tamari (Close friends only)/Caleb/Hunter/Error and I go by he/it/bot! Im your average joe with arachnophobia, acrophobia, and tyrophobia (if you don’t know what tyrophobia is please don’t look it up, I will be more than happy to explain it to you opposed to you getting extremely disturbed /gen) I like a lot of things lmao, so ima jus list ‘em off here


- The Owl House
- Amphibia
- Gravity Falls
- Helluva Boss
- Brooklyn Nine-Nine (only on season 4 so no spoilers please :sob:)
- Total Drama (currently watching Total Drama Island :3
- Sonic Prime
- Aggretsuko
- BoJack Horseman
- Smiling Friends


- Undertale (100% including AUs)
- Deltarune
- Hollow Knight
- Owlboy
- Katamari franchise (specifically We <3 Katamari)
- Stardew Valley
- Animal Crossing
- Cuphead
- Ace Attorney

Other media

- Spooky Month
- Eddsworld
- Castle Swimmer
- Good Mythical Morning
- Everything Is Fine (Webtoon)
- GHOST and pals
- Lackadaisy
- Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe
- Across The Spiderverse
- A wide variety of youtubers (feel free to ask!)
- Homestuck
- Salad Fingers
- Kamisama Kiss (reading the manga!)
- Lemon Demon
- Tally Hall/Miracle Musical
- Gorillaz
- Vocaloid in general

Current hyperfixations: Undertale, Undertale AUs, and Smiling Friends!

Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about anything! :)

Please DNI if you are 25+

I lose motivation fast if I just get one-liners, so please one paragraph minimum. Two is optimal but one is fine, as well as occasional one-liners. I also only write in third person! I don’t have an issue if you do first, however :3

I also hardly ever do historical or purely romance, although I am okay with romance elements in RPs! I prefer fantasy and fandom based RPs, so message me if you want any of those! Some of my favorite genres are hurt/comfort, fluff, angst, and mild action.

If talking OOC please use tone indicators if something could be taken the wrong way!

OOC ≠ IC - If my character says or does something that is mean or makes you upset, please do not take it to heart! I do not mean some of the things my characters say.

I am also a minor, so absolutely no 18+ RPs

Please be warned I do curse a lot! Lmk if you don't want me doing that with you! /gen


DNI: racist, homophobic, transphobic, proshipper, anti-kins, Dream Stans, Vivziepop defenders/stans (just because I like Helluva does not mean I support her actions)

Ask me for my triggers :]

I never really come to people unless they come to me first, or if they’re a friend of someone I already know. Don’t be afraid to say hi however! I love making new friends!

I am Hunter from The Owl House and Error Sans from UTMV irl, so please respect that. This means no OOC Hunter and Error hate /gen (I'm alr with doubles!) With this in mind, Belos/Phillip Wittebane apologists/alterhumans please dni, this is for my own safety and I hope you understand ^^

This is my favorite color :D

Anyways, please enjoy your stay at my humble abode :3

Rave Reviews

Sunstruck is a fun, polite, and flexible roleplayer that does very well in even unconventional genres that they might not have tried before and can easily shift their ocs into any setting that you so desire. Not to mention how fast they respond. I've seen slower responses on sites like discord that have a notification sound! Kind and understanding Fast responses - Jooters
Caleb is just a very sweet person! They are patient and respectful. Never have I seen their patience nor their kindness waver.

As for roleplay, they're a pretty good literate roleplayer! With Plenty of ocs to boot! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - HeartShapedObject

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