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Hello! I’m Caleb and I go by he/it! I’m in a crap ton of fandoms lmao, so ima jus list ‘em off here
- Undertale (100% including AUs) / Deltarune
- Hollow Knight
- The Owl House
- Amphibia
- Gravity Falls
- Helluva Boss
- Hazbin Hotel
- Spooky Month
- Eddsworld
- Castle Swimmer
- Owlboy
- Katamari franchise (more specifically We Love Katamari)
- Stardew Valley
- Good Mythical Morning
- Everything is Fine (WEBTOON)
- Murder Drones
- GHOST and Pals (??? Does that count as a fandom??? /lh)
- trying to get back into MLP: FIM lmao

If talking please use tone indicators if something could be taken the wrong way!


ISFJ-T - Defender personality

DNI: racist, homophobic, transphobic, proshipper, anti-kins, and Dream Stans

OMORI (game) - I just have personal trauma with the game due to an abusive ex-friend, it’s really nothing about the game lmao

Poppee The Performer (show)

Dream SMP

BlogTheGreatRouge/PJ’s Daycare (I’m alright with PJ *The character* tho!)

The Mandela Catalogue

Clusters of tiny holes

Spiders/Bugs, if described realistically (obviously okay with Hollow Knight /lh)

I am a Hunter from The Owl House alterhuman/kin, so please respect that. This means no OOC Hunter hate /gen (I'm alr with doubles!)

I am also a minor, so absolutely no 18+ RPs

Please be warned I do curse a lot! Lmk if you don't want me doing that with you! /gen

I never RP OCs on here, only with close friends. Besides my OCs are all Undertale and Hollow Knight anyway lmao- /lh

Anyways, please enjoy your stay at my humble abode :3

Scratch (god why am I still on here /hj)


Rave Reviews

He is my bestie aah it's so cool ;w;!! His oc's are so cool Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - uwu_peridot
My boy is awesome, and hes got alot of experience with rp!! I havnt rped with em much, but from what ive seen hes very good at it and hes got alot of lor and story telling skills it seems!! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Deltarunner

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