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Hey yall, welcome to my page.
A little about me is that I am a college stident and work part time, I am also professionaly Sick [aka, chronically Ill]. l have Fibromyalgia, Allergies, Brain Tumors, PTSD, and Disgraphia.
I'm always down to RP tho sometimes my health will force me to take a day or so off. I also can't usually write more then a paragraph, and almost never more the occasional two paragraphs. I can and will if requested however.

Rave Reviews

She is an amazing RPer and I enjoy looking forward to the RP's we are doing! Especially her character and their choices feel so real. Wonderful writer Fast responses - Wandering_Mary
Surfer is a ever so kind during our first rp. she's honest and patient which is a rare trait out in the world. She was the first to welcome me back into rp! i recommend everyone give Surfer a chance as she likely will make friends with anyone Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - HybridRoleplayer23

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