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Unofficial RPR sis. She's great person which helped me with some stuff that boggled my mind in gen-chat. She's helpful and quite knowledgeable from what I seen in forums.
She has great character Narsi which was quite the read. Kind and understanding Helpful - RimCaster
SylOfficial is a sweetheart, and also a very talented writer. I've enjoyed our encounters on the forums and OOC PMs, but what really makes me value/respect Syl is the classiness with which she interacts with people on RpR. When I'm perusing the forums, I'll see her offering words of advice to someone, or a thoughtful comment, and you just get that feeling that she cares. As for writing ability -- go look at the excerpts of her novel and you'll see she's talented. She's patient and communicative. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Abigail_Austin

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