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Yaay! Finally have something to put on here, and yes, I am shamed for the wait. But at last I share, with all the love and thanks to Slushy for helping me put this together~ <3


Rave Reviews

Her characters are intriguing, her art is breathtaking, and she herself is gorgeous. <3 - Jane
Tidus (played by Sylvie)
A delicious character with the creativity and cleverness to make you want more. Pure sexual dominance and breath taking actions easily leave you in suspense till the bitter sweet end. - Nekomanics

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  • Nekomanics gave Sylvie kudos:
    My first long term rp partner I had. First off she's beautiful like for reals and don't even get me started on her characters. There are a few like a were and a demon of lust...oh the saucy feline. I have never been disappointed by her writing and I never will. She writes and draws me in while tangling some of the best plot throwers i've seen. One of my best friends my soul sister much love to her always. Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 5 days 7 hours ago)