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I'm TBD, but you can call me T or Tee, or even Bee (lol).

Usually pretty friendly & Open to PM's Feel free to approach me just to say hey, or to rp, if you're interested in one of my characters! While I may have a few threads open looking for things, I am also open to trying other story lines or ideas, just ask!


Typically online between 9am-11am (monday-friday). [CST]
I also sneak online later at night as well. I try my best to check in everyday if I have an active rp going!



WORLD BUILDING - I've been pretty into this lately and adore building up a nice environment for my Roleplays.

*WESTERN & WEREWOLF THEMES These have to be my favorite genres so far! To be fair I like mostly anything with a bit of supernatural flare ;) (although I'm pretty flexible on theme for role-plays!)

* I also play a lot of video games & games, like Red Dead Redemption II, Prey, MWII, Crash Bandicoot, Zoo Tycoon, Rollocoster Tycoon, Wolvden, Sonic Mania, Racing games, Horse games, etc. Also a big movie buff.. besides that I do a lot of reading and doodling when I'm not out doing things with family!

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