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Creator and Mother to the Cadenti

My Constellations
My Fire Fox ‡ My Wife
My Tree Fox 🦊 ‡ My Tree Fox's Woof 🐺
My Haku ‡ My Winter Knight
My Captain ‡ My Blackstar


I am fully aware that I am not everyone's cup of tea.
I don't need to be, no one has to love me.
Regardless, I will do my best to treat you with kindness.
For not everything in life has to be a toxic memory.

Starting Jan 2020
My normal work schedule is
Monday - Wednesday 7 AM - 7 PM EST

Proud supporter of the following artists!
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Rave Reviews

Another relatively new woman in my life who I am so honoured to call my friend. She and I met over ‘peaches’ and everything has blossomed into a beautiful friendship. She is kind, funny, understanding and a truly stunning personality. Her characters are gorgeous and she is a delight to roleplay with. I toast to many more roleplays and a long and beautiful friendship together! - Luxe
Although we've never RPed, I've had the pleasure of doing commissions for Vega over the years. It's been a delight to revisit their characters, and in art streams, they are always kind and engaging. I've been lucky to know them. - Auberon

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  • The Cadenti (played by TakodaVega) has befriended Apothic (played by Cami)(About 3 days 16 hours ago)
  • TakodaVega gave Harley kudos:
    I don't know what I was doing before I met Harley. A chance meeting in rp to having someone who has become a fast and close friend. I really don't know what I would do without her. WIth her straight to the point attitude she is always looking out for her friends the best way possible. She always is excited for what is in store for our characters, and more than that there's always levels of depth to every story. I wish I had known this woman for longer I got a lot of catching up to do! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer
    (About 6 days 8 hours ago)
  • Tsu (played by TakodaVega) has made the acquaintance of Guilloga (played anonymously).(About 4 weeks 2 days ago)
  • TakodaVega has befriended Harley, Swagnakor(About 1 month 1 week ago)
  • Zorkia gave TakodaVega kudos:
    One of the most important people in my life. She has been there for me over the years and is absolutely wonderful. Although life has gotten in the way of our friendship at times, she never fails to receive me back with open arms and warm smiles. I love this woman more than words can express. Brilliant, beautiful, and wonderfully creative. She is the bomb-diggity-dot-come. Kind and understanding Long-term partner
    (About 2 months 1 week ago)