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Creator and Mother to the Cadenti

My Constellations
My Star-Crossed Lover 🌠
My Fire Fox ♨️ ☆ My Wife 🌟
My Haku ⚔️ ☆ My Winter Knight ❄️
My Captain 🧭 ☆ My Blackstar 💀


I am fully aware that I am not everyone's cup of tea.
I don't need to be, no one has to love me.
Regardless, I will do my best to treat you with kindness.
For not everything in life has to be a toxic memory.

Starting October 2021
My normal work schedule is
Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM EST

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Rave Reviews

Another relatively new woman in my life who I am so honoured to call my friend. She and I met over 'peaches' and everything has blossomed into a beautiful friendship. She is kind, funny, understanding and a truly stunning personality. Her characters are gorgeous and she is a delight to roleplay with. I toast to many more roleplays and a long and beautiful friendship together! - Luxe
A stunning array of characters and lore, wrapped in a lovely package. A wonderful writer and friend; and someone that I would 100% recommend for brainstorming, concept creation, or writing alike~ Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Greyfrost

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