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  • Gender: Transexual Female
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: January 20

Hello everyone!
I am Tamamo, a random French roleplayer.
The characters on the right side of the screen are my precious little babies~
The character "Tamamo no Mae" that you can see is one of my oldest creations, and I love her like there's no tomorrow.

If you want to, you can always check her page, and... I don't know... tell me what you thought of it? Please?

Those flowers are gifts~ Thanks!

Black Rose - JayBird
Purple Rose - JayBird
Blue Rose - JayBird
Stargazer Lily - JayBird
Stargazer Lily - JayBird

Apparently, I'm a summoner!
I shall now become the greatest magician!

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Rave Reviews

  • Tam is a ray of sunshine whenever I talk to her, and she never fails to elicit a laugh, even on my most tired and grumpy days.
    She's also an excellent thinker, with deep and expansive lore for her characters, one which she's always been willing tap into to provide...
    -- JayBird
  • While we haven't really RPed all that much together, it was wonderful! She presents her character is a fantastic manner and she is very creative, her characters and posts are very well thought out, so is the world she's developed. I look forward to planning out a new...
    -- KansasVenomoth

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