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If I am online on one of my characters, I am almost always up for rp. (the exception being when I am about to log off!) Please feel free to whisper me, though if I am not in a scene, I will probably be whispering you, if I see you in one of my rp haunts. I'm friendly, don't bite, and I'm always excited when someone makes the effort to start a scene with me, instead of the other way around.

I rp heavily on Furcadia, mostly because I've found I'm too flighty to consistently post on a forum. I currently roleplay in several dreams, as well as keep up quite a few private continuities with old and new partners.

I am a consent player, though I'm more interested in pursuing interesting character interactions than preserving the happiness of my various creations. I rp mostly in Medieval aged dreams/settings. If your character is behaving in a nonsensical or anachronistic fashion, my characters will probably notice and comment on it because they are, in most cases, not crazy.

Rave Reviews

Subtle, diverse, rounded and clever. These describe all of Tamarind's characters. On the surface they're fun to RP with, and deeper down, they've got a lot to give. - Ben
Maintaining an interesting character is tough. No doubt about it. However, Tamarind not only maintains many great personalities at once, she does it with a skillful grace, and makes it seem easy. She was the first person I rp'd with in Nasmara, and is the reason I got more involved. Roleplaying with her is a pleasure, every time. Thank you :3 - Fenris

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