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Hello! You can call me Kitkat or Yasu. I've been writing for 11+ years, and I promise you that my writing skills haven't run dry yet. I've been on a lot of sites, starting on Myspace, and now continuing on Tumblr and here. The characters I have are not many but the number will probably grow in due time or probably never. Down below are some rules that I would like for people to follow, so hopefully, you will take the time to read them:

1. I do para to multi para, sometimes I'll do semi when I'm either under the weather or when there's not much for me to respond with, which rarely happens. I never do or accept one liners or hard core novella. I like detail.
2. I'll basically do any genre. I am also over 18 and so are my characters, so this means mature content is allowed and smut is fine. However, I will not smut with a minor.
3. On the topic of romance, I like chemistry before a relationship happens. Certain characters of mine, particularly ones created for or canonically from Dynasty Warriors, can be in two relationships as long as they are not from the same universe. This will be only for the DW verse as I want to give them the freedom to not just love whom they already loved in one universe, but mingle with someone else in another universe. I hope this makes sense, because that's how I'm doing it. The characters who are in the DW verse are Lei Bin, Sima Zhao, and Guan Yinping. There's also my two DW OCs: Feng Xiu and Lian Lingxin.
4. God modding, autoplaying, and all that related to those two words, don’t do it.
5.Drama shall never be tolerated unless it’s roleplay wise. I'm known to be a chill and kind person, so I don't wish for anyone to feel scared or threatened of me.
6. I accept crossovers as long as I'm familiar with it. I don't think I can keep up with most of the things that others are interested in x3x
7. Back to the topic of genres, ever since I started roleplaying, I never had the chance to roleplay a lot of them. I can't name them but the ones I really enjoy or would like to do are action, adventure, supernatural, horror, historical, romance, and modern. I'm very willing to try to roleplay something else but I will never roleplay grimdark, and gore is only limited to blood and stabbing/shooting at my characters, but not killing them unless you have permission. The exceptions are Mortal Kombat and Drifters.
8. I suck at thinking of plot ideas, especially alone so help with that would be the best thing on Earth.
9. I have a life outside of roleplay, and RL is a priority. I won't rush my responses and you shouldn't either, so make sure to take your time.
10. Finally, if you leave a conversation because I don't respond quick enough, it's fine. Depending on the message, it will take several days at the least, to a week or even a month when I get to the particular message. So, if you can't bare with me, it's alright.

Rave Reviews

While it has been a while since we have had a roleplay going, Yasu is a good writer. Her characters are interesting and unique. She knows how to make things interesting and keep it moving. She is knowledgeable about her cannon portrayals. I enjoy writing with her and I believe that you would too if you gave her the chance. - Krispythekritter
Kitkat/Yasu is definitely one of my closest friends. I've met her 4 years ago since I started roleplaying in Tumblr. I'm very happy that we've managed to stay together despite all this time. I've enjoyed every single moment I've roleplayed with Kitkat because she always makes it a great experience. One of my best moments in RP was writing a ship with her which is currently one of my favorites. She's an awesome writer and I love her to bits. - Efrik

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