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( aka Tailbone and Tardevil, briefly known as Tarbone )

49mbRLY.pngName: Coltara
Location: California (PST)
DeviantArt | Tumblr | GaiaOnline
( Discord: Coltara #7404 )

<3: creative writing, world building, monsters, cryptids, prehistoric animals, great apes, anthropology, mythology, folktales, fables, lore, animation, gaming, art, coffee, literature / reading

Hi! I'm Coltara, but most call me Tar. I'm a narrative-driven roleplayer with an extensive history and an interest in writing with other experienced writers. I enjoy roleplay with engaging plot, strict continuity, and lots of character development over time.

I have a lot of character profiles in hiding that are outdated, in-progress, or retired! Those you see are the those currently active and/or with more complete information.

Roleplay Preferences
Favorite Genres:
fantasy (high, historical, dark, sword and sorcery), sci-fi (soft, space opera, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, retrofuturism), science fantasy, horror, action, adventure, mysteries, thrillers, suspense

I don't roleplay outside of continuity. I like my characters to have solid frames of reference and strict timelines! I'm terribly neurotic about details.

I primarily join settings based out of Furcadia.

I prefer to play with those 18+ and in general closer to my age group. This does not apply to characters - children are vital figures in any setting!

I can be exceptionally slow. I'm an overthinker plagued by frequent creative blocks and am no longer capable of handling live scenes or attending events. I've grown to prefer slow (read: one post a day) paced scenes on Discord and playing with those who have patience for my inability to stay focused or maintain creative confidence.

I'm a big fan of "let's say it happened" and a lot of communication between players. I don't believe everything needs to be written out and sometimes prefer to discuss or elude to more casual interactions between characters (especially if they're likely to see one another on a frequent basis).

I am happy to write romance when it develops organically, but it's not something I go looking for. I don't dislike it per se, but I do prefer it in sparing and realistic doses. I prefer slow burn relationships that grow from a genuine chemistry between characters.

When it comes to character intimacy, I generally prefer fade to black.

I tend to avoid dice. I will use them sparingly as tools when seeking a narrative prompt, but I generally dislike RNG mechanics in my roleplay. When used for combat purposes I do not recognize critical hits, critical failures, or fumbles. I will always read rolls as a natural range of preferable to least preferable outcome and will decide on any further interpretation myself.

All Original Content Please

I would rather not play with characters based on 'faceclaims' and especially not those with 'borrowed' art e.g. profiles that prominently rely on borrowing the appearance and images of a real person or already existing character design.

I prefer OC. While I very much enjoy playing in functional 'sandbox' worlds like Pokemon or Fallout with fandom based characters, I am not comfortable playing with or as actual figures from canon (outside of using them sparingly as NPC). I'm also not comfortable playing with canon based characters outside of their given canon.

The vast majority of the artwork you see displayed in my character galleries was either commissioned by or gifted to me. They are not to be used by anyone other than myself or their respective artists.


"You have light and peace inside of you. If you let it out, you can change the world around you."
Iroh (The Legend of Korra)

Rave Reviews

Maxie (played by Tar)
Maxie is an incredibly complex character with a rich personal history that plays a role in his every day decisions. He's got just the right amount of conflict in his life that every thing new he experiences develops him all the more into the incredible character that he is.

He's well made, well played and the player has put so much effort into him both behind the scenes and up front. Definitely a 'must RP with' character.' - Degu
Coltara is a repeat commissioner of mine, and a good friend. Despite multiple falling outs, we've found each other again, and for that, I'm truly glad. They're someone my life feels more complete having in it.

Their characters are ridiculously detailed and well thought out, down to the tiniest of details. Frankly, I don't know how they manage it, but boy am I pleased they do! Their profiles never leave me wanting. In action, their characters are just as much of a treat! - Tate

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