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( aka Tailbone and Tardevil, briefly known as Tarbone )

49mbRLY.pngName: Coltara
Location: California (PST)
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( Discord: Coltara )

<3: creative writing, world building, archiving, monsters, cryptids, prehistoric animals, great apes, anthropology, mythology, lore, folktales, animation, gaming, art, coffee, literature / reading

Hi! I'm Coltara, but most call me Tar. I'm a narrative-driven roleplayer with an extensive history and an interest in writing with other experienced writers. I enjoy roleplay with engaging plot, strict continuity, and lots of character development over time. I am extremely passionate about worldbuilding!


When on Furcadia I am looking to socialize, moderate, and answer questions at Thornmouth. Unfortunately, I will no longer be available for in-game roleplay except on rare occasion. Sorry! I have a tendency to burn out and am no longer capable of engaging in rapid fire or single session scenes. It is far too demanding and puts enormous stress on my person. I much prefer slower paced scenes or even just 'Let's Says' on Discord.


Roleplay Preferences

slower pace, freeform, long-term, Discord, forums, Let's Says
rapid fire, single session, consistent posting, dice combat(?)

I don't roleplay outside of continuity. I like my characters to have solid frames of reference and strict timelines! I'm terribly neurotic about details and my ideal roleplay environment is one where characters and setting equally inform one another. I typically join settings based out of Furcadia, but primarily play in Discord.

I prefer to play with those 21+ and in general those closer to my age group. This does not apply to characters. I prefer settings that allow for the realistic inclusion of children.

I can be exceptionally slow. I'm an overthinker plagued by frequent creative blocks and a wandering focus. I cannot post very quickly and there are going to be times I need a break. I've grown to prefer slower (read: one post a day) paced scenes on Discord and playing with those who have patience for my inability to stay focused.

I'm a big fan of "let's say it happened" and a lot of communication between players. I don't believe everything needs to be written out and sometimes prefer to discuss or elude to more casual interactions between characters (especially if they're likely to see one another on a frequent basis).

IC ≠ OOC - A large part of my interest in roleplay revolves around crafting individuals that are wholly their own people. I don't like any kind of assumption that crosses that line: including the idea that if I'm not active, my characters aren't either. This is a huge pet peeve of mine! I'd prefer to provide a narrative for an absence when necessary, otherwise assume they're going about their daily lives. I'm always available to fill in blanks through discussion!

I am happy to write romance when it develops organically, but it's not something I go looking for. I don't dislike it per se, but I do prefer it in realistic and sparing doses. I appreciate slow burn relationships that grow from a genuine chemistry between characters rather than pairing them intentionally.

When it comes to character intimacy, I generally prefer fade to black. We can discuss any relevant details or get mature art pieces, but I have no interest in writing things out at this point in time.

I tend to avoid dice. I will use them sparingly as tools when seeking a narrative prompt, but I generally dislike RNG mechanics in my roleplay. I'm much more interested in narrative collaboration.

All Original Content Please

I would rather not play with characters based on 'faceclaims' and especially not those with 'borrowed' art e.g. profiles that prominently rely on borrowing the appearance and images of a real person or already existing character design.

I prefer OC. While I very much enjoy playing in functional 'sandbox' worlds like Pokemon or Fallout with fandom based characters, I am not comfortable playing with or as actual figures from canon (outside of using them sparingly as NPC). I'm also not comfortable playing with canon based characters outside of their given canon.

Low Tolerance Warning
cw: slavery and sexual assault
I have a low tolerance for some forms of content. This includes narratives that romanticize slavery, fetishize abuse, and/or objectify victims. I believe:

  • The topic of slavery is one that should be explored honestly and treated seriously: it is brutal and complex and should never be reduced to a gimmick.
  • A character that owns slaves has crossed a moral event horizon: they are definitively evil.
  • A character that accepts or benefits directly from slavery is neutral at best: they cannot be considered ‘good’.
  • An enslaved character is a victim.
  • A conflation of the actual ownership of others - a form of oppression and abuse - with consensual relations or activities (e.g. BDSM) is deeply offensive.
  • A 'happy slave' narrative is apologetic trivialization.
  • A sexual encounter with a slave by a free person is always sexual assault (a slave cannot give valid consent).
  • A scene or piece of art showcasing a free person having sexual relations with an enslaved character is a depiction of abuse (read: rape).

I will absolutely engage with most darker themes in my roleplay, but I want to see them given their due respect. I feel weightier topics should be handled with care and their inclusion to have purpose. The enjoyment of a theme or consent between players has nothing to do with how a subject is being portrayed. I'm not comfortable with seeing romanticized abuse in my roleplay. It is a dishonest representation of real evil that should be engaged with more meaningfully.

The vast majority of the artwork you see displayed in my character galleries was either commissioned by or gifted to me. They are not to be used by anyone other than myself or their respective artists.


"You have light and peace inside of you. If you let it out, you can change the world around you."
Iroh (The Legend of Korra)

Rave Reviews

I've gushed about Tar before, but I'll do it again! Coltara's a great friend, cartoon buddy, and a consistently stellar writer. I've seen them lay foundations for several settings, and have thrown my own characters at theirs countless times, and I must say - I will always be impressed by their imagination and laser-focused attention to detail and continuity! Once they're in the zone, nobody can stop them - and any game to which they dedicate themself is far richer with their inclusion! - Rigby
I wanted to expand on Coltara as a commissioner.

As a client, I can't ask for better - nor have I recieved better! Coltara is someone who will give you lots of guidance, make their wants very clear - all while still giving the artist their head. I often end up doing much more work when doing art for Coltara, but they're always sure to offer compensation for the work before I can even ask - which I find amazingly respectful and a much loved trait for a repeat client. - Tate

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