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5bIAWkS.png Hello! I'm Danna!

I like to rp, doodle and pretend I know how to exist as a regular human being.
I primarily rp via discord/Furcadia and can be found at weird hours of the day.

Tar_Pit's Characters

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Rave Reviews

Danna is so many incredible things rolled into one. Her writing is amazing, and she never hesitates to make a scene exciting rather than something generic. You can't predict what will happen. She's a genuinely kind person who gives her all to everyone around her, be it through writing or advice or even asking about your day. We are so lucky to have her here with us all. A wonderful gremlin. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Marie
I've known Tar_Pit for awhile and she's always been a person that has been incredibly kind, giving and friendly. She is the first to make anyone feel involved and welcome to a community while constantly trying to drive plot and roleplay in new and creative directions. You can't go wrong with any interaction with this wonderful gal! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Caitlin

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  • Tea gave Tar_Pit kudos:
    Danna has been nothing but a inspiring and welcoming person towards me in the last few weeks. One of the top people who I've grown to cherish and enjoy talking to. She's creative, an amazing writer/artist, and is also understanding in so many ways. I haven't had fun writing and planning stories with someone for a long time. Thanks for being a awesome human being, lovely. Here's to many more years of friendship! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 5 days 14 hours ago)
  • Tar_Pit gave Mortivous (played by Tea) kudos:
    A man of many facets and even spookier inspiration! Mortivous is a character that tickles the darkness and gorey depths of more horror based RP and if that's your jam you'd be foolish on missing a chance to interact with character! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward
    (About 1 week 7 hours ago)
  • Tar_Pit gave Eli kudos:
    This person is perhaps one of my all time most favorite human beings to ever exist and I feel so graced to have her in my life. Our rps are never boring and we always chatter on the daily to the point I can't imagine going a single day without talking to her. She's absolutely wonderful and has been my rock through a lot. <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner
    (About 3 weeks 1 day ago)
  • Eli gave Tar_Pit kudos:
    One of my favorite people on this planet. <3 Danna is such a creative writer, an amazing artist, and just an overall wonderful soul. I am so glad that our paths crossed and I highly recommend connecting for some exciting, plot driven RP! Kind and understanding Long-term partner
    (About 3 weeks 1 day ago)
  • Tar_Pit befriended Tea(About 3 weeks 2 days ago)