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Physical Health

-Transitioning to Male
-Some sort of brain damage
-Got Physical Therapy on February 14th
-Doing daily back exercises

Mental Health

-Hearing voices
-Having hallucinations
-Paranoia, Anxiety, and Depression through the roof
-Somebody please help me before I lose control and go insane

Social Life

-Currently being continuously threatened by an Ex


Replies will be extremely slow for a while, thank you for your patience.

Welcome to my little corner of the galaxy! You're in for a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey time here! You've just walked into the territory of a MEGA NERD!! Feel free to shoot me a message, and I'll reply as soon as I can!

Just The Basics
Oh, so I see you'd like to know some of the basic facts about the type of person I am! Well, let us begin!

I am:
-A Whovian
-A cat furry (although I do not associate with the furry community in any way, shape, or form. I'm not into those weird sorts of things)
-An artist (Yes, I do free art! So please do ask!)
-An animator
-An author
-A Poly-Pan-Demisexual (Feel free to ask what that means if you want to know!)
-A programmer
-A fan of Good Omens
-A fan of Gravity Falls
-A fan of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil
-A fan of Steven Universe
-A person who is currently questioning their gender
-A supporter of the LGBTQ+ Community
-A morbid person at times
-A complete and utter weirdo

I have:
-An Anxiety Disorder
-Five cats
-Things to do during the week
-Random mood swings

Attention To Anyone Who Even Cares About Me A Little Bit
I officially do not, and cannot, give a damn about myself or anything that I say. So why should you? Why should you let me make your life worse, why not make things easier for yourself and give up on trying to help me? I do not matter; I never have, and I never will. So why waste time trying to tell me that I do, even though it's a bitter and utter truth of life that I don't? Life was better when I wasn't in it, so why keep me in yours? I only make life worse for everyone I love and care about, so why let me continue to do so? Why make yourself suffer by knowing me?

“Aches and pains
May break my brains
And love can always hurt me

Waste my days
On RolePlays
And from the true world I am free."


"Two TimeLord hearts split in twain
For I shall never love again
I've been beaten to submission
Yet to protect myself is still my mission
To love is to know only pain
To know is to go insane
The only smile that I now bear
Shall only be one of despair."



I am proud to say that...
I am officially assisting Imthenaysayer in writing his very first novel!


Try to take a guess of where (and when) I'm from!
Hell, you can even try to guess my age, and the winner(s) will get some sort of prize! I'm not quite sure what yet....
Oh, well!
Why not take a trip in the TARDIS with me?
Of all time and space, where to first?

How about.....
Or maybe Gallifrey?
Or how about Gravity Falls, Oregon?
Ah, what's that, you ask?
Why, that's my trusty Sonic Screwdriver!
Hey- Give that back! No, I cannot use it on wood! Now give that back.....
Thank you.
Now, where were we?
Ah, yes.


Who‘s your favourite Doctor?

Ah, the one who ran. We all know the tale of this famous (or perhaps infamous) Gallifreyan. Stole a TARDIS (although we all know it was the other way around ;)) and fled. But, which of the Incarnations is your favourite? PM/DM me to let me know, and I‘ll announce the overall public favourite!


I came up with the Homofelinius!

I don't really have that many restrictions for my RolePlays and RolePlay partners, but I can't do smut. I don't want anyone to get in trouble. Anyways....
I tend to do from about a sentence to a paragraph, unless I'm really inspired. I sometimes tend to have side comments in double-parentheses, either to just chat, or ask something about the RP.

More RolePlay Rules and Preferences


-No cancer, unless it is already part of your character, or I have decided to make an exception. Please ask beforehand. I lost a grandfather to cancer and never got to say goodbye, so this is a very touchy subject for me.


-I prefer to RolePlay with those of whom who have adequate grammar, although it is not essential for me to RolePlay with that person.

-I prefer at least one to two lines in response. No single word replies, unless you are really in a rush.

-If you have to go, please do try to warn me. I can get extremely worried when people suddenly disappear, so please try...
-Please do not suddenly make your character a jerk for no reason, especially if we are doing a Romance RolePlay. It makes me want to stop the RolePlay, and I'm sorry.

"Well, you know what they say.....One man's trash is another man's garbage!"

<3~Famous Quote by TardisCatTwo~<3


I'm normally a pretty light-hearted person, and I tend to try to make a joke or a pun! If I'm not seeming upbeat or perky, there's probably something wrong. ;3 I can be dork at times, but, then again, can't we all? ^_^ If I'm acting affectionate, it's just because I like you! As in, like you like a friend, unless specified as otherwise! And if I'm doing a Romance themed Role Play with you, that does not mean that I'm madly in love with you. I tend to use Emoticons, as to make sure that you know what emotion goes with what I'm saying, so there's less chance of you misunderstanding what I mean! ^_^

Honourable Mentions:


<3~Found my second Timelord heart!~<3

Other methods of contact

Personal Discord: Crowley#8571
Out of House Discord: Scuurf (School)#4690


I'm not usually Online on weekdays!

I'm Offline!

Rave Reviews

TatdisCatTwo certainly is fun to rp with. Her character Yuki is a very unique character, and a pleasant challenge to rp with. And I definitely me challenge in a good way. She is outside the box and original! - Jason9291
I concur with the last two kudos before mine, especially the second to last kudos. Tardis is a shining star who doesn't know she's bright. She cheers me up whenever I talk to her. No bells and whistles or antics are necessary,
b/c you've got natural charisma. Talking about the price of tea in China... something as boring as dirt...would be interesting if you and I are talking about it. We love ya. Kudos forever. - Abigail_Austin

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