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ℕ𝕠𝕨 𝔼𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕘: 𝕋𝕒𝕣𝕠_ℕ𝕦𝕜𝕖𝟙 【Victim 1】

Hey! You probably know me if you roleplay'd with me, but there's a need for second introductions for reasons like this! So, the name's Taro. My nickname is Tero. (You can call me Tero if you want. I don't mind much lol.)
【Some stuff about me!】
Sometimes in RP's, i can get into funny moments between my characters or others. But back to the point. I have some characters that is from a game series. For example, i got Nolegs the Cat that is from the Epic Battle Fantasy series. Along with Matt, Anna and Natalie. Ah yes, i could probably tell you about some of my cool friends and etc. I also like playing some adventure, or some RPG games! (well, in case i'm bored lol-)

You've reached the RPR'S Bythrone Paranormal Society, How may we help you ?
1. XenoverseSurvivor 【Victim 2】
Alright, so? About Xeno? They are the most epic people in this world. Even his characters are well-designed and etc! Also, i had to talk to them about their gender dysphoria. They never learned to cope so, i decided to be a good friend and try to help them to cope from that.

2. YinYang_Creator 【Victim 3】

Didja think i would forget Yin? Of course not, she's awesome like Xeno! She has a pretty neat roleplaying style with a dab of her characters being high-quality because of her hard work! She also has a great sense of humor when out of character too!

4. Astrobeans 【Victim 4】
Alright, so Astrobeans. What can i say? She's pretty cool. The fun part is, she adds in images to exclude her character's emotions and such! I'd give it 10/10! Don't count her out when you want to add her to your cool friends list!
𝕋𝕒𝕣𝕠_ℕ𝕦𝕜𝕖𝟙 【Victim 1】

And lastly, me!
I consider myself pretty cool myself but i don't wanna hog the glory for the friends above! And that's all i want to say about myself and my cool friends here! But about me, i like doing a canon or a multiverse RP. I'm not very good at typing paragraphs at times. (Unless you're just stupid, Taro.) It's probably my brain does not process much often or i'm just extremely lazy... lol... But, if ya wanna do a random RP, feel free to hit me up with an idea! And that's all i pretty much want to say.

【This is Taro_Nuke1, Signing ou-】

【Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep... Taro has disconnected...】

"Oh sh*t, you didn't melt. The Wizard of Oz lied to me."

"I hate you."

"Hate you more. >:c" -From a video called Tomo-Chan is a Girl! in a nutshell

Rave Reviews

Roleplaying with Taro has been wonderful! I love his excellent sense of humor! it's been so fun to rp with isaac and the gang Great sense of humor Creative ideas - GU7TMUNCH3RZ
Taro is the best! Though his writing style is different than most people's style, that's what makes him unique! The funny dialogue, breaking fourth wall, interaction between multiples of his characters. Just a truly wonderful, good mood bringing roleplay experience, y'know?

Taro is also familiar with many fandoms, though I only know of a few such as Mario, Kirby, etc... He also loves sharing memes, so watch out for those, ha ha! ;) Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - varian

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