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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16


I Love To RP Animal Characters, Have Fun, and i'm up to anything you throw at me.
I Am Bisexual,
right now im in college and am on from 9:00am - about 3:30pm every day exept from weekends im on at 9:30 pm

I DO NOT BITE!! Send me a pm, Im always open to anyone who wants a chat :)

I need comments on this photo!!

Is it good? I did it as a quick doodle which took about half an hour to about two hours.

i live in the uk so times may be different to you


I drew this today in college



i like this music:

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  • When it comes to wolf rps, chat with her to do them and to plan them out. I recommend rping with her if you like doing long responses to her and taking your time, in return, kudos!
    -- Foxy_TheWarrior

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